Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday rants

The sudden shut down of my computer is getting worse. An hour ago I was dropping ec and I suddenly lost power in my pc for four times. Yes, four times. Isn’t annoying when you are in the middle of something and out of the blue your pc will just shut down? I contacted the computer technician regarding this glitch and he said I need to change the power supply. **Sigh** I asked him if how much do I need to buy this stuff and thanks if is not that expensive. I am planning to buy it this week or next week. I am having financial problem right now, too many unexpected expenses for last two weeks. I still have to pay my internet and phone bills. One more thing is my online sideline is not as good as before. Anyhow, I am hoping I can reach the minimum drop in one of my 3 blogs and hopefully I will be able to catch some fish from triple P. It’s been a while since I last grab opps from them.