Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sticky post

I have been thinking to put Christmas count down but problem is I don't know how to put a sticky post so I ask the help of Twinks. Thanks she immediately answer to my question and she made a post here, so if you want to know on how to put the sticky post you can click the link which will redirect you to her post.

This what i like being addicted to blogging cos i can ask some friend online whenever i want to know something.


Gee, its eating time once again. Got a birthday invitation. Ma'am Imelda invited us for her mother's birthday tomorrow. It's been a while since I attended a celebration like this. My mother and my son will go with me as they are invited too. I will be posting an update about the birthday celebration tomorrow.

thanks PPP

I thank triple P for giving me 2 opps this afternoon. It's been a while since i last grabbed an opps from them. Too bad I was off from my pc when opps starting to pour in my dashboard. I had 2 gray already when i log in to my ppp account.

I am still having problem with my pc and I hope can buy the new power supply. By then I will not experience the sudden shut down when I am the middle of something. I apologize to those who drop an ec to my blog as I sometimes not able to drop in my other blog.