Monday, November 3, 2008

Isurance company

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Christmas wish

Christmas is just around the owner and each one of us has its own wish. I do have some wish for this coming holiday season for my self and for my family. As for my self I want to buy a new earring because i lost my old earring that my aunt gave to me a while ago. I did check how much it will cost me if i buy one and i think i can save it until December. Huh, I am getting excite. I will revail my other wish on my next post.

Andy Barkate

Have you heard of Andy Barkate? If not, then may i give you some information about this man. He is a financial executive with decades of experience in the financial services industry. The owner and President of California Retirement Plans LLC, and holds professional designations of "Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist" and "Certified College Planning Specialist". A gifted teacher, financial author and speaker. To know more about this great man just click the link.


been a while since my last update in here. I did not go anywhere I am here alive and kicking but too lazy to do my online errands.