Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nite nite

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Goodnight peepz and bloggie, it's time for me to travel to the land of dream. Enjoy the rest of the day. nite nite.....


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Getting sleepy

It's 10:45 in the evening, Philippine time. Everybody are sounds asleep except me but anytime soon I will be like them. I am getting sleepy here, my eyes are getting heavier every time I winks my eyes. Hopefully I am done with my task tonight before I get too sleepy. I am really bless today as I had some task waiting for me.

Migraine attack

Today, I and my college agreed to bond in the beach. We arrived at the beach at exactly 9:35 in the morning. My two friends Irish and Rjay immediately prepare the milk fish and pork in grills. Bonding my friends once in a while is really really good as we are busy with each other life. That is why we seldom meet each other. While we were having fun chatting I suddenly felt bad. My migraine hit me again, for an hour I tolerate the pain but its getting bad to the point that i feel like vomiting. So I decided to go home and without more ado i vomit. Good thing I was at home when it happens.