Monday, April 27, 2009


I am really tired of blogging, I was online must of the time last weekend. My body and hands is hurting a bit. I blame it for sitting down in front of my pc and typing. But I know I do not have enough reason to complain, this is what i want blogging ang earn some bucks from it. Do you think blogging can be too tiring?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kava Kava

Have you heard of kava kava? If not, then lemme tell you a little information about this super supplement. Kava kava is an herbal remedy used to ease the symptoms of stress and depression. It's non addictive and can be taken as an infusion. It also prevents anxiety because it will help relax muscle tension, act as local anesthetic, and for more than a century it is used as a treatment for gout, bronchial congestion and rheumatism. If you are looking for any kava products, the only place you should go to is the Kona Kava Farm as they have the most variety of Kava products. They are the growers as well as the supplier, therefore you probably will not get it else where if you can't find these products at the Kona Kava Farm.

A Call From My Aunt

I receive an unexpected call from my aunt that is in London now. She was asking me if her husband and her son was not at their house because no one is answering her call. I guess her husband can't hear the phone ringing in their room since their phone is in the first floor and the master bedroom is on the second floor. I'll just tell her son that she called.

Need Coffee

I really need a cup of coffee now. Since' its a little cooler inside my room now I am getting sleepy. Every time I close my eyes its getting heavier to open. I still have three more task that I need to finish but I guess I can not finish all three tonight so I'll just wake up early tomorrow to post and submit it before it expire.

Online Studies

Being a mother or being busy at work is not enough reason not to finish your study. Well, worry no more because you can now your degree online with Capella University. With them, you can now get the degree you have been dreaming from the comfort of your home. They are accredited, fully online university that has built its reputation by providing quality graduate education for working adults. Eighty-three percent of Capella students are currently enrolled in master’s or doctoral degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, psychology, public health, and public safety. Serving 24,000 learners that enrolled last Sept. 30, 2008, from all 50 states and 45 other countries. Founded in 1993, Capella University is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capella Education Company, headquartered in Minneapolis.

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Loving the Smell

A week ago I purchased Victoria Secret lotion {Endless Love} and Cologne {Love Spell}. It's my first time to try both flavor as I always use Amber Romance flavor. Boy.. I love the smell of Love Spell.. too bad my budget was limited cos I also want to buy the bag which Mommy Tammy posted in her Fashion Blog. Anyway if you love the smell of VS, you should visit Mommy Tammy's fashion Blog Below is the picture i took when I got the item through air21. Apologize of the photo quality it's only taken on my webcam.

Its Raining

Yes!!! it raining now and i hope it will for an hour or so. At least it's cooler inside my room now. I can think of a nice post now since I feel better. But bad cos I am getting sleepy. I still need to finish four more task before I can sleep. It's a tiring week for me, I was not able to take a nap every afternoon like I usually do. Well, I am not complaining... just stating a fact lol

On Stock Investment

As you all know I am a single mother to a 4 years old boy, I am not working regularly. My boyfriend for three years is the one who provide our daily needs. However, I do not want to ask my boyfriend everything that I need, he not yet my husband although he always tell me to let him know if I have problem with money. I am not sure if investing in stocks in a good options but I have doubt if my boyfriend would allow me since he lost quite a big amount of money in stocks few months ago. But before I ask permission of my boyfriend I need to have an option screener, since I do not know anything about stock investing. Good thing, PowerOptions provides the essential data you need to invest with stock options. Along with this, they also have a complete suite of educational materials and premium toll-free customer support. Cool right?

Done My Dinner

I am full again, I just finished my dinner and we had tinolang manok. I make it sure to make tinolang manok or nilagang baboy because my son love this food. Well in fact he love the food that is cooked with soup. He is not into adobo or other menu though he love friend chicken but we all know that fried chicken is the all time favorite of the kids.

Off To Downtown

I will be off for a while guys!!! I need to buy some groceries and I also need to send money to my sister. She has been send sms the other day that she needs the money for the food of the pig. Hay.. too much expenses... I hope the Holy Cross will guide us always... By the way, the pig I am talking about is intended to my mother's Santa Cruzan which will be help next month. After this, my expenses will be lessen...

Family Friendly Hotels

Planning to take your family to an ultimate family vacation? If so, then why not consider bringing your family near the beach? Who would not want to stay near the beach to cool your self in summer? I am sure everybody does, I do love to have a summer vacation with my family probably in Boracay but I heard that a lot of tourists are coming to Boracay this summer. So I think it’s not a good idea to bring my family because of my son and nephew basically I want a place where I can truly relax. But I knew is not going to happen soon as I am saving for my mother’s Santa Cruzan next month. Although I knew that we can go anywhere this summer it does not stop me from thinking of a nice family vacation and stay in one of the Karisma Family Friendly Hotels would really makes me feel relax from the stress in daily life. So guys! If you want to have a wonderful and fantastic vacation with your family consider visiting

Good Morning!!!

Good morning guys!! How was your sleep? I had a short sleep, my son woke me up again and he is was cried when I tried to go back to sleep. That's his new attitude that I noticed few days ago. he would always try to wake me up whenever he is awake. He even bla bla about all the people are awake and I am the only one sleeping, huh... naughty son...


Woott.. I finally submit the post. I have been having problem everything I submit my post. Now, it's time for me to say good night everyone. Hope you had a nice day today and enjoying your weekend with your love ones. And to all who are outside the Philippines have a nice day and enjoy as well...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Medical and Health Needs

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On Submitting A Post

I've been trying to submit two post in my two other blogs but I always got an error. I already send an e-mail regarding this problem and I hope they can solve it soon at least before my task expire. I also encountered an error last this few months ago but after sending them an e-mail about the error i did not receive any response from them but then, before the task expire I tried to re-submit the post and i finally did it. As a blogger I always make it sure to do every assignment that will come my away.

Happy Weekend

Hi guys!! its weekend once again. Do you have any plan this weekend? As for me I do not have any plan yet. Well, I always stay at home during weekends. It's the time when I can take a long nap and watch tv. But for this weekend, I will be watching the basketball games in my place. The SK councils hosted an inter zone basketball and volleyball tournament. it will be a fun weekend for me for sure.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Luxury Shoes

Have you hard of Kameil Shoes? Well, if you are a kind of person that loves shoes, you should visit this website that I recently found out. Kameil Shoes.Com is a UK based business getting ready to launch their debut fashion collection luxury shoes. All their shoes are developed with the best craftsmanship in Italy. So, if you are willing to spend in luxury shoes, Kameil Shoes online store is the right place to visit. And by the way, if you are in London you should watch their exhibit at London fashion week later this year. So, don’t forget it guys!!! Be there!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Support Rosa

I have known Rosa for a month.. Although I haven't meet her in person I knew she is a nice girl.. Rosa is addicted to joining contest, in fact she had won many contest and i admire her for that, I do not have enough patient like her. Recently, she joined the contest hosted by and she is in need our support. Rosa is one of the participant of 1srt ever contest and as a friend I will support her all the way. So if you want to help her, you can help her by posting this article in your blog and buzz he to let her know u supported her..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Plano Cosmetic Dentist

Few months ago I had my teeth cleaned in a dental clinic nearby. the told told me I had a tooth that is need to pulled and I also need some filling. Upon hearing her said that I have a tooth that need to be pulled my body start to shake though the dentist did not notice it. Wondering why I am shaking? Well, I am afraid of needle. I thought I overcome this fear when I give birth to my son four years back, but I was wrong. Anyway, are you having a problem to smile because you have a horrible teeth problem? Then, you need Plano Cosmetic Dentist to bring back your natural smile.


It's summer time here in the Philippines, during this time I would ask for some rain. Yesterday afternoon, when I and my son was on our way to go home from the market heavy rain starting to fall and it lasted until last night. When I woke up around 8 am I did not see sun rays in my room. I guess, Mr Sunshine will not show up today, so it will be a gloomy Saturday...

Fancy Dress

I remember, the first time I wore fancy dress it was a bit awkward because we are only five kids who wore a fancy dress but nevertheless I enjoyed the party. That was 21 years ago , from then I never had a chance to wear fancy dresses. Anyway, if you are hunting on where to find great array of fancy dresses, then don't look any farther visit Through this website you can find over 5,000 costumes to choose from. Among the costume category that you can choice are, kids fancy dress, film star, doctors and nurses outfit, hats, masks, accessories and a lot more. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website now.

Morning blabbing

Good morning guys!!! How was you sleep? I hope you had a nice one, like I did, I wake up a bit late again this morning because my son kept on waking me up and will asked if I am still sleepy. Naughty son, he makes me more sleepy every time he wakes me up. Anyway, do you have any plan for this weekend? As for me I will just stay at home and hopefully I will be able to finish the layout for my new blog.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Graphics Hunting

I was browsing istock website a while ago, I am looking for a nice graphics for my new website. Yes, you read right I have another website but this time is powered by wordpress. I haven't open the website to public yet but surely I will after I am done doing the layout.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

On Bulbs

My son and his cousin are asking me when we are going to the beach since we were not able to go to the beach last Easter because I and my mother attended the funeral of the mother of my brother’s girlfriend. Yesterday, I promise them that we will go to the beach today, but then I woke up very late so I move it tomorrow. Hopefully, I will wake up early to prepare the foods that we were going to bring the beach. For now, I am here in front of pc lurking around the World Wide Web. Few minutes ago, I came across this website that offer Sylvania light bulbs. I never thought that a simple bulb will put in a nice look in a house. Next time I buy bulb for my room I will for sure visit

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Dropping by to great you all a Happy Easter. Hopefully, you are all enjoying your holidays!! see you around guys!!!! and Good night!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

On Wood Furniture

Are you in search of home furniture particularly wood furniture? Fret no more because is designed to help you find the best wood furniture you can have for your home. If you are planning to beautify your kitchen, they have a huge variety of kitchen furniture that will suit your taste and budget. They also have bedroom furniture, livingroom furniture, home office furniture and a lot more! I browsed the website and I was astonished to find the bed that I have been dreaming of. I will be passing the website link to my lalabs and let him see the bed that I found through the website. So, look no farther visit for your furniture needs.


I am damn tired now.... I guess, I will be going to bed soon to take a rest. I really want to visit other blog now but I am really tired and a bit sleepy. Hopefully, I will wake up early tomorrow because it's been two days that i wake up late and I my lalabs is sleeping everything i go online. Sigh... I really miss him...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On Taking A Vacation

Planning for a vacation? We know that planning a vacation is not easy as one, two, three, you need to make sure that everything is ready to escape of getting problem while on vacation. You must plan your vacation ahead of time, such as book where you want to stay and you must know what place you are going to visit. if you haven't decided on where to go, why not try Orlando vacations? Just visit the presiding link and you will be directed to their website and you will be amazed of their special offer.

I need A New Bag

Last week I noticed that my other bag is almost wrecked. Since then I have been searching online on where to find great deals of bag. It was last year when I found out that shopping online is a great way to find great deals as you will have a great array of choices compare to the mall. I haven’t found the right bag that I want, but I know I will soon and I hope my budget is enough to buy one. I will appreciate if someone can share some online store which has a very affordable cost of bags. Probably an online store that is having sale will be good. Thanks in advance guys!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Busy - busy - han

While typing this entry I am undergoing some clean up in my other blog Deep In Love. Last night while blog hopping I noticed that some blogs that are listed in my link are not updating their blog since last year. And I also found out that I my link is not listed in their link list, in this case I am leaving them a message to let them know that i added them and in return they should add my link. Anyway, that is how it works here in the blogging world. When I am done cleaning my other blog, I will also be updating this blog.

Friday, April 3, 2009

On Webhosting

As you all know all my blogs is hosted by blogger and I am considering having a self hosted blog in Wordpress. But, I must admit I do not know anything about web hosting and Wordpress however this will not stop me so I’ll take the risk. And I have lot of blogger friend that promise to extend their help whenever I need their help. Few months ago a friend of mine asked me where to find the best and affordable webhosting in the market. Since, I do not know much about webhosting and I also need some information about it I end up searching on the World Wide Web. Gladly, I came across this website called Webhostinggeeks is the right place to visit were one could get best hosting reviews and affordable web hosts present in the net today. Apart from reviewing hosting services under various categories you will also find different webs hosting awards such as best budget hosting, best blog hosting, best forum hosting, best unix hosting, best php hosting and a lot more! So if you’re looking for real and unbiased web hosting reviews, make sure you check out! You can also check their web hosting blog, and learn lots of things about content management systems, domain names, control panels, and all kind of related things.

I Need Some Sleep

Last night I am having trouble sleeping although it was a bit late when decided to sleep. But I do not know what's wrong because whenever I tried to close my eyes my mind will start wandering around. If I remember it right it more than one hour changing position until I finally fall asleep. Anyway, I still have time to take a nap today. I better take my butt off in here and catch some sleep.

On Lossing Weight

Losing weight is becoming an obsession for some individual and I do not blame them, because everyone wants to in a best shape. I must admit I am one them, I have been trying to loose what I gained for the last 2 years. I still believe exercise and proper diet is the best and safest way to loss weight. But then I can not control my self to eat a lot when a there is a mouth watering foods in the table. Because of this I am considering to check if Fenphedra would help me loss weight. I also need to be sure how safe and effective it is.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Want to Rest

ohhh.. How I want to take a rest at this very moment. But my mother has this belief that it is bad to take a nap when the sun is going to set. I just finished doing our laundry an hour ago and my back is a bit hurt. Anyway, since I can not allowed to take rest this time I will better check some information about Mesothelioma. I must admit I do not know anything about this illness. So I better go now and start my search.