Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Take A vacation At Azul Sensatori

Are you tired doing the same things everyday? Or are you thinking of doing something for your wife, husband and children? Or do you want to leave your work behind and the stressing world behind you for a while and have a pleasant week alone or with your family? If so, why not book for a family vacation? Planning of a family vacation can be tricky and tedious especially if you have kids with you. Thankfully, Azul Sensatori of Karisma hotel and resort is a Family Friendly Resorts especially designed for families. Among the reason why booking in one of resort that Karisma hotels offer is that they puts children and teens first to ensure that are having fun, and go home with good memories and perhaps some new skills. The hotel also supports parents so vacationing with children is easy and requires zero planning.

No Blogging

last night, no matter how I tried and kept restarting my desktop but to no avail. I don't know what I am going to do for me to be able to chat to my lalabs. We have been to each other for few days now and I blame it my pc.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Yay, apologize guys for the title of the post but I couldn't think of a good post title for this post maybe because I am posting a non-sense post again lol.. Please bear with me I am not a good writer nor good in English but I need to do this for me to earn some molahh.. I know some of the blogger will understand me. hahahaha.. Anyway I am idle most of the time today and I know it's not to start my week. I only hope I will not be idle this week, keeping my fingers cross.

Weekend Gateway At Orlando

Are exhausted with your daily works? Or does your kids asking you to give them a break from tremendous school assignment and paper works? Or are you searching on where to spend your weekend with your family and love ones? How about a Halloween party with family and friends? Either way, look no farther visit for the best discounts on Disney World Tickets and other Orlando theme park tickets. At present they are offering a big discount for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. This family-friendly Halloween event gives you Halloween, Disney style. A great parade of Disney villains and a new fireworks show with beautiful Halloween colors lights up the sky at the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom as you trick-or-treat, in costume, with your favorite Disney characters. Cool right? So speed up visit the link for more information.

Good Morning

Good morning guys! How was your weekend? I hope you had a nice weekend with your family and friends. As for me, I had a busy weekend I am in front of my pc whenever my pc let me.. I know it's kind of weird. Well, I am having trouble opening my pc it suddenly freeze few minutes after hitting the open button. And that happened last night, I was about to do the last task when my PC started to freeze and I don't have any choice but to log off. So here I am blogging early morning..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

An Update

Apologize readers and visitors I haven't updating this blog for the past few days. Having a multiple blog is not easy, there are times that I can not think of a good topic to post that is why I always end up posting non sense topic just to make an update. Today, I had a chance to update my blog not because I have a good topic to post but because I finally have a link assignment for this blog. Argh.. it's been a while since my last paid post so I don't want to miss this chance and no wonder I am posting non sense post again lol..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Find Time To Update

Yay, finally I am here to update this neglected blog. I’ve been busy with so many things offline and online and yesterday I am glad that I finally manage to buy the Boy Scout uniform for my son. I’ve been having difficulty finding his size but what I hate is I visited all the authorized dealer of Boy Scout of the Philippines but they only very limited stock for Kid’s Scout. So, my last option is to visit the Boy Scout of The Philippines Council as I was advised by the sales lady in one of the store I visited. My son will be wearing the uniform today, too bad I cannot take a photo of him. Now, that I am finally done searching for my son’s Boy Scout uniform it’s time for me to check out this colon cleanse review. At, each colon cleanser is being rate by its effectiveness and safety, company and guarantee, consumer feedback and value as well. You can actually find hundreds of colon cleanse solutions in the market today, that is why it is a must that you find time to read reviews before purchasing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sleeping Marathon

Geezz.. I was not feeling good when I woke this morning. I can't explain the feeling but it seems that I am going to explode any time. lol.. So I ask my lalabs if could stop chatting soon as I wanted to take some nap. And the nap ended up in a sleeping marathon. Yeah, guys I slept the whole day. The good thing is I feel great..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fat Burners

As we all know there are hundreds of diet pills available in the market today that promise to help you to lose tons of weight in a short period of time. Others also promise to be the safest way diet pills anyone can have. Either way, many have found that they don’t work, because most of them don’t promote any weight loss. That is why, to prevent from buying and taking ineffective diet pills I suggest you to do some research before taking anything. Or better yet visit, they have listed top 5 fat burner pills. The top fat burners are reviewed for effectiveness, safety, consumer satisfaction and value. So don’t be scam by fat burners that promises to be effective and safe. Visit the link above for more details.

On Bell TV

On of the thing that I enjoy staying at home is watching TV. I opt not to apply for cable connection for some practical reason. Watching for the same shows everyday can be tiring but since I opt not to have a cable connection I simply must live with three channels. While browsing the net I came across this website which offer a wide range selection of bell tv in a reasonable price. How I really wish to have this gadget...Surely my son and nephew would love it..


The kids are loving it, for two consecutive weekend they have a long vacation. It was a holiday last Monday because the country commemorated the National Heroes Day and tomorrow it was declared a specially holiday for the burial of Ka Erdie Manalo. Inglesia Ni Kristo leader. Anyway, are you having a weekend blast with your family? I hope so.. as for me I stayed at home with my love ones.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mac and Windows Compatibility

I am not a computer savvy type of person though I studied computer science I not confident enough when it comes to computers. And I honestly don’t know what is the meaning of appletalk replacement? Shame on me! I have been using my pc for more than 2 years now and yet I still have so many stuff that needs to master in terms of computer operations. Anyway, if you own a business and want to change your operating system you don’t need to worry because I recently found out that MAC and windows are compatible. With this, you can now achieve a greater productivity with the most advanced compatibility between Mac desktops and Windows servers. Isn’t it great? So if you need more details I urge you to visit the link above.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An update

The clock on my desktop say's it's passed midnight but boy I am not sleepy yet. I am sure I will wake up late tomorrow but hopefully I can catch up my boyfriend for a short chat. Wow, time really flies,,, the month of August has ended and the BER month is starting.. huh.. getting excited for Christmas? Well, it's 3 months to go... I am getting excited.. why not Christmas is my favorite time of the year though i spend too much during this time. I know I am posting non sense topic again.... you can't blame me guys I do not have interested topic in mind..