Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Chance

Yehey... I had a chance to update this blog. I sometimes cannot update this blog in regular basis especially if I don't have any task assign for this blog lol. Since I lost the pr of this blog I did not gain it back for like a decade now. This blog is my first blog, my first baby in fact hehehe.. but as time goes by I already made some blog, other was deleted but other remain active. But one thing that I am sure I am not going to delete or neglect this blog. I may seldom get task for this blog but I don't care.. hmm.. am I? lol... Like my other blog i am also going to clean the link list for this blog. For i know there are some links in my list that are not active in blogging or maybe others has deleted my link, so to be fair I am also going to delete there link. hahahaha...

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