Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Ramdomness

I missed updating this blog, the reason is that I usually update my blog whenever I have a task assign to any of my blog. I noticed that I am not enthusiastic in blogging as I am two years ago, but I cannot simply stop blogging as it gives me extra income and meet new friends online. Through blogging I can also record daily happenings in my life; as a single mother of 4 years old boy, as a girlfriend to my loving and understanding boyfriend, as a sister, a daughter, and friend and etc. Often times my mind is full of story but when I try to put it on words I am simply having difficulty doing it. Who says life of a blogger is easy? Well, you need to be a blogger and have a multiple site to maintain for you to realize how difficult it is lol..

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psycha said...

so true. It's not easy