Monday, February 2, 2009

Sigh -*-

Hi guys! I'll be off for a while I need to finish some offline errands before I call my day off. Hopefully to be back later today so continue blog hopping. Yes, I am doing my rounds for 2 days not though i need to do it slowly cos my pc get crazy when I open many browser. See you around guys!!

Bathroom Scales

As you all know I’ve been ranting on how I will loose my weight in fact I am a bit frustrated because until now I haven’t loose any. Though I lost few pounds when I started walking before Christmas but then I need to stopped it for some reason and sad to say I gained more than I lost during the holidays. Who can’t refuse those mouth watering foods? Nah, not me. Anyway, I am planning to start walking again that is why I am in search of stylish yet affordable weighing machine. Thanks to modern technology, I cam across this website called They have huge variety of weighing machine such as, bathroom scales, digital pocket scales, shipping scales and many more.