Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flooring Madison

Few months ago i had our wall and flooring fixed. Our flooring and wall was rough before that, but then I am not satisfy on what happened to the flooring work. After two days the floor started to crack in the middle and I found out that the cement that was put on top of the of the old floor is the reason. Now I am starting to save again for our flooring. I recently came across this website which help their customers to have their dream flooring. At flooring Madison, WI they have a wide selection of flooring stuff.

Can't Get Enough

I had a long nap today but still I can't get enough sleep. I opt to sleep early so that when I wake up at 10.30 I will be okay but heck my eyes is too heavy that wants more sleep. Hay, it seems that i am a sleepy cow today.