Friday, March 6, 2009

Local Wedding Venues

Once in my life I thought that I will be walking down the aisle but then i was wrong. If the time comes that I will be wed to my future husband I want it to be solemn and and special. I want my love ones to witness this special event of my life. However although I want to have a simple wedding I know that planning a weeding is not easy. Planning a wedding can be tiring yet exciting. Although you hired a wedding planner you still need to do something personally. Looking for Local Wedding Venues is now easy with the help of Through this website you will find wedding venues, wedding photographers, wedding florists and many more!

Fast Approching

Yeheyyy!!!!!!!! I am so excited to announce the winner the b-day guessing game that i host in my other blog. As i promise I will be announcing the winner the following day after my b-day. So check t out guys!!!!!!!If you haven't join yet, you cans till join.


yay, I am really tired now my body needs and want some rest. I did too many things this week and i guess i deserve some rest. Thanks goodness it's Friday so I have 2 days rest and on Monday the workshop will continue, we still have 4 more days. I also need to finish the prize layout for my b-day contest hopefully i can do it later today.