Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sleep Late

The son is still sleeping, no wonder because he sleep late last night. He is always playing with his cousin. Well, I not worry he over sleep today cos it's Sunday and he don't have a class. Anyway, I was not able to use the internet last night. I don't know why I can not connect to internet I tried to call my internet provider but to no avail. I was about to check for car grills. Oppss.. I don't have any plan on buying this stuff, I am just wondering how it looks like lol.


Hello guys! How are you? I hope you all having a nice weekend. As for me, I have a noisy weekend coz my sister is here with her family but they going home after lunch. I am going to see my niece before Christmas. Anyway, I was talking to sis yesterday I am asking for a good lighting fixtures that I am planning to put in the living. But unfortunately she don't any idea which is kinda of surprising as she is always good when it comes to house beautification.