Saturday, November 28, 2009

Missing My Boyfriend

I really miss my boyfriend, I've not seen him on cam for couple of days now though I recieve sms from him everyday it is not helping at all. I hope he will find time to chat with me soon. Well, I know it would not be easy for his side coz he is with his father who undergone an operation few hours ago. Anyway, just recently I came this website which help those who are searching medical travel. You can freely visit the link anytime for more information.

Update Finally

Geezz.. pardon me guys for not updating my blog like I used to be. I am just uber lazy sitting in front of my pc while my boyfriend is off to USA to accompany his father. Though I am always online and checked if I have links assignment but as soon as I am done I always opt to showdown my pc. I just hope the blogging mojo in me will get back soon..