Friday, January 29, 2010

Traveling With Babies

Almost five years ago when I give birth to a bouncing baby boy. As a first time mom I find it hard and tiring traveling with my son especially when he was stills an infant. Fortunately I don’t need to travel a lot with my son back then. However I still have bad and good experience travelling with my son. I always need to plan our travel ahead of time to prepare his clothes, feeding bottles, milk and water. When he gets a little older I never forget to bring his favorite toy for him to play while we are traveling. The worst part is when I need to carry him for many hours while he is sleeping. Nonetheless having another baby girl in the future is what I am waiting for. More especially that I recently found this website called which offers wide range of baby products for traveling such as infant travel bed. Their infant travel bed is attractive and lightweight; it's perfect for a nap on the go with diaper changing comfort as well. It also has large storage pockets hold all of the essentials, and the sides fold down easily for compact travel with a carry strap. It includes two soft toys, a padded bottom and sides, and a fitted sheet. Aside from selling baby products also offer baby travel tips on how to travel with a baby with so much pleasure and less hassle.


The mother is not in a good mood today and so I am. She is asking same question many times as if I she not believe what I am saying. It is really annoying that I answer her back in bad tone. I know I am not suppose to answer back my mother. Having a bad mood is not an excuse to answer back your parents in high tone but knowing me I more want to be alone and stay in my room when I am in this kind of mood. You can talk to me in a nice way but please no high note or something that could make me mad because I am sure you will be in deep trouble lol.

Medical Alert For Elderly

My grandmother is living in her son next to our house. There are times that her son is working at night and my grandmother is left alone. Sometimes I worry for the safety of my grandmother, she walk the way she walk 10 years ago. Apart from her walking problem she has high pretension problem and she can speak well because of the mild stroke that happened few years ago. I am glad that Medical Alert is formulated to help elderly people when they are alone in the house or even outside walking. Unlike common alert device, this Medical Alert doesn’t require the elderly to push the button as it can detect the accident and automatically send emergency signal. This alert device can be put in the neck or waist to make it reachable in case of emergency situation. Talking about medical alert, has 2 new products to choice from. The “fall alert” detector is use at home it alerts when an elderly was fallen and can’t even push a button. The second one is “GPS Tracking Bracelet” it has 2-way speakerphone so they can use it like a cell phone and call for help in case of emergency, or the elderly can be found in case of lost while roaming. In case you are interested in the device and you need further information you can visit the website for more information.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yeah, I am really grateful that I was able to grab some task for this blog last night. I was about to turn off my desktop when I suddenly remember to check if I've task waiting for me. There is a certain website that I am not checking everyday because I seldom get task from them. But it was different last night because I have 4 task available so I reserve all the task immediately.

Business Voip Phone System

Since the fall down of economic there are hundreds of business establishment declare bankruptcy. Others are still trying to survive in the midst of the economy crisis by cutting down the expenses. One way of cutting down their expenses is switching from conventional landlines to VoIP. The “VoIP” stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. It means that your phone system works over the internet rather than over traditional phone lines which is cheaper compare to traditional phone system. So for those who own a small business and is searching for business voip phone system, perhaps you can visit Unlike expensive traditional phone system the customized scalable business VoIP phone system is more suitable to small business and newly opened business as it is cheaper compare to traditional phone system. What I like at Vocalocity is their excellent features such as auto-attendant, voicemail to e-mail, follow me roaming, music on hold, simultaneous ring, conference calling and call queuing. Apart from excellent features their client doesn’t need to pay hidden charges unlike other companies. By simply visiting their site, one can talk to person to person about eliminating hassles and cutting costs by calling a Vocalocity Business VoIP consultant at 877-VOCALOCITY or simply click the “design your phone system” button.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Layout For A Friend

So I am done changing the holiday layout in my other blog and the next thing to do is make the layout for a very dear friend of mine. She has been using her layout like for a decade now, I did promise her to change her layout last year. Anyway I promise that I will be making layout this week I also want to change the layout for my other blog. On the other hand, do you know of someone who is in need of depression treatment? Perhaps you could advice them to search for depression treatment review for their safety.

Another Way Of Losing Weight

Have you tried numerous way of losing weight but it seemed nothing happens? Well, I understand your sentiment as I am also in the same boat though I haven’t resorted taking diet pills as I want to try the natural way. Losing weight is not really easy it needs of time, effort and perseverance. However, if you want to try the latest way of getting rid those excess fats perhaps you might want to check jenny craig reviews. Jenny Craig was the first major diet plan to ever hit the United States. She offers 20 pounds weight loss for $20, cheap right?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

On Pending Tasks

Whew.. I still have two pending task waiting for me at blogsvertise. It was assigned to me few days ago, I received a mail from them the other day letting me know that I have pending task which mean I need to do the task real soon before I lost it. As of this time I don’t think losing tasks is not a good idea as I really need to save some. So I will not be blabbing here as I still have some tasks left that need my attention.

Best Weight Lost Pills

I know some of us gained few pounds after the holiday season. Imagine the mouth watering foods that are being served in every party that we attended. Some may resort to dieting and proper exercise others might want to burn the excess pound they gain fast that they opt to use best weight loss pills. Luckily I was able to maintain my weights over the holiday though I am not in my ideal weight I don’t think I will be using any diet pill as of this moment. I still want to try losing weight in a natural way but who knows one day I will be searching for the best weight loss pill that suit me.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Free From Acne With Skin ID

Acne loses confidence in both men and women. It is a very embarrassing thing on one’s face. Because of desperate attempts to eradicate this acne, many have resorted to many treatments like skin id. However, there are more acne treatments that can be tried upon that have been analyzed and reviewed to be effective based on many criteria. If you are one who has acne, better consider these criteria.

Happy Weekend

Hello guys! I hope this weekend will be fruitful for all of us. I still have some tasks left and I thank you my Ma'am Imelda for helping me out with my tasks. Apart from doing my task I also want to make a new layout for other blog, poor blog..the holiday season is over but still wearing a Christmas layout.

BSN Cell Mass

Many men want to achieve a macho body for added sex appeal factor. Well, indeed a hard rock body of a man is really a plus factor for women. Many men achieve this by going to the gyms to make a work out. Well, it would be best if they take a bsn cell mass, a creatine supplement that helps increase muscle size, density and strength. With a hard rock body, this for sure is a sure appeal factor.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Be Free From Stretch Mark

During pregnancy I was anxious about having stretch mark on my tummy. I know it doesn’t look good most especially if you’re wearing something that will show your tummy. Thankfully I am blessed because I did not get any stretch mark on my tummy after giving birth. However, my cousin is not lucky as I am she is now searching for stretch mark cure in order for her to gain back her flawless stomach. Hopefully she could find an effective cream for her tummy.

My Horoscope

The Solar Eclipse, being aligned with Venus and in your solar house of allies and hopes, will produce a powerful and positive effect on you, Pisces. Networking, expanding your circle of friends, and involvement in group activities are all favored over the next six months. An existing friend could introduce you to someone who can open doors to you: the most exciting thing is that these are surprises, not formal meetings. Mercury turns direct in the sign of Capricorn, showing that what appeared to be a big problem concerning money has turned in your favor today.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Growing Up Fast

My son is turning 5 years old this month, how time flies and before I knew it I will be searching for first communion invitations.Well, I still have ample of time to prepare this occasion, for I need to plan for his coming birthday. He kept on asking me if we can celebrate his birthday in school with his classmate but I always tell him that mama will check if I have enough money to spend and he understand that. Although he can be too demanding sometimes which I don’t know where he gets this attitude but he always accept reasons and explanations. I always pray that he grow up to be a good man as I want him to be and will respect others right.

I Need An Online Backup

For almost a year my desktop has been acting up and in fact I brought it to repair shop many times. If money is not a problem I would like to buy a laptop for me to use every time the desktop is acting up. But since I don’t have stable income and being the bread winner in the family I have other priorities than buying a laptop. So while I can’t buy the new laptop I am considering to use online backup for my files. I’ve lost some important files when my desktop breaks down for the first time. However finding a reliable online backup is not easy that is why I am happy when I stumble upon this website called

Happy Weekend

Hello peps! Do you have any plan with your love ones this weekend? As for me, I have lot of things to do this weekend. Aside from sitting in front of my desktop lol I am going to review my son for this exam on Monday to Thursday. He skipped his class for two days so I need to teach him the lesson for that day. Hopefully, he will cooperate to his mama because if not we will end up nothing.

Perfect Honeymoon Gataway

Every time I heard someone that is going to ex-change I do’s to his/her partner I could not help but think of my own dream wedding. But anyway to those who are getting married soon and is searching on where to find prefect Honeymoon Getaway package at the most romantic resort in Mexico then perhaps you could visit Karisma Hotels and Resorts. Some of the facilities that honeymooner can enjoy include beach butlers, healthy and excellent foods, iced bar tops, swim-up rooms, white gauze curtains around the beds, hot tubs, hammocks and a lot more. Apart of being a perfect place for honeymoon Karisma Hotels and Resorts also offer family-friendly resorts, adults-only resort, ocean-front suites and etc.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Taking A Break

I am currently chatting to the boyfriend but he need to do something and I can't share it to your guys!! hehehe.. Anyway while waiting for him to get back I might as well make an update for this blog. The year 2010 is here I do hope I could update this blog regularly this year. I've been neglecting this blog for quite sometimes now which is not good since this blog is my very first blog. I also hope I can make a new layout before the end of this month. Hay.. to many layout to make for this month but I don't have enough time to stay long in my desktop. So I am hoping for the best..


Dang! I have been sitting in front of my desktop thinking of a good topic to post. I do have some topic in mind but then I lost them before I can finally put them into words. Apart from having hard time thinking on what I am going to write in here I can hardly breathe because of clogged nose. I guess I need to do some dusting here in my room tomorrow as it might be the cause of my allergy.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Spent Too Much

The boyfriend spent a lot of money this holiday season. He sent extra money for the kids new clothes and gifts. Apart from this he also give some amount for the foods that I and my family prepared last Christmas. I also spent some money in buying gifts for my god children. I decided not to give any cash this time but because of being forgetful I was not able to buy the gift for my 2 god children so I don't have any option but to give them cash. So next Christmas I will make sure to have a list and start buying gifts ahead or I will try to shop online and search on where to find Best Buy products for kids.

Shop Cigar Online

Hello peps!! How are you? I hope all is well with you and your family. Pardon me if I haven’t updating this blog for the past couple of days. Well, aside from being lazy I don’t have any exciting story to share and every time I have something in mind I immediately lost it before I can put it into words. Anyhow, new year is here and I hope I will be more active in blogging this year. If you’re someone who smoke a lot perhaps you want to try buying your cigars online. At Famous Smoke Shop you cigarette and accessories on sale. Should you need more information? If so, then visit for more details.