Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy Weekend

Geezz, the month of February is almost over and yet I haven't manage to change layout of this blog. And I doubt if I could make it this weekend as I will be busy making a layout for someone and fixing my farm in farmville. I upgrade my farm and I am going to buy a building later. Huh, I am really excited I have been farming and plowing religiously as I want to buy a building for my farm. But before I do that I am going to water our plants. The weather is too hot that I water our plants in the backyard twice everyday.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

LMAO Off-Broadway Show

Are you still looking for a musical comedy adventure where you could spend good quality times with your love ones? Or are you one who has been working so hard recently and is planning to take a break from the daily stress from your job? If so then perhaps watching musical comedy show will help you and your family loosen up and enjoy. Just recently while surfing the World Wide Web I happen to came across the official website of LMAO, the new Off-Broadway Interactive Musical Comedy variety show. So if you want to catch the LMAO Off-Broadway show at the newly renovated 200 seat Midtown theatre located at the heart of Broadway’s well-known theatre district in Times Square. You can catch the show every week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If money is an issue on my part I would really want to visit the place and watch the musical show. In my entire life I haven’t experience watching a musical show, so it would be a nice experience to watch LMAO Off-Broadway. However to those who want to watch the show and is keen to know on where to get the tickets, cast and other information I urge you to visit the for more information.

Will Expire Soon

Geezz,I really need to finish one more task before the due date. In few fours the task will expire so I am going to make it after chatting to the boyfriend. I am kind of sleepy too so I wish I could do the task. Aside from this task I also have other task assign for my other blog but I don't need to be in hurry since I still have some more time to finish them. But for now, I will wait until the boyfriend come online.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On Web Hosting Services

I have been blogging for almost three years now and I am considering on moving my blogs to wordpress. However I am not yet decided whether to move my blog to wordpress and paying host or not. On my quest on searching for a good and perfect web hosting I found out that choosing a good web hosting provider is becoming imperative these days. It is really important that you find the trustworthy and reliable web hosting service provider that will suit your needs and budget. Good thing I recently found this website which helps those who are having difficulties on finding the right web hosting service for their blog/website. provide web hosting reviews that will help us choosing the right web hosting service. The website listed the top web hosting provider for this year and rate them base on cheap web hosting, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited disk space, free domain and much more. Because of their quality reviews become one of the best places to start while looking for the best web host. On top of this, one can also find articles and blogs related to web hosting. So if you or you know someone that is searching on where to find the best web hosting provider don’t go any farther visit the link above for more detailed information

Tired And Sleepy

I am really tired and sleepy, as much as I want to stay blogging and blog hopping but I couldn't stay longer. It seems that any time soon my eyes will close as it is getting heavier and heavier every time I blinks my eyes. So allow me to take a nap and hope to be back later.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Get Your Own Car

These days, owning a car is more a necessity than a luxury especially if your job requires you to travel a lot. With the uncertainty of economic situation and the sky rocketing prices of basic commodities today owning a car is not easy. However, if you really want to own a car then why not buying used cars that is in good condition. I recently came across this car company called Drivetime. Drive Time offers wide selection of used cars that would suit your needs and budget. So to those who are in search of used car why not visit for more detailed information.

Happy Weekend

It's weekend once again I hope we will have a weekend blast with out family and love ones. I will be off in few hours to my son's school meeting. Hope to be back and do my weekend rounds.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Precious Metals Investment

Just recently I happen to bump this fabulous company named United States Gold Bureau. This company helps those who want to invest their money by mean of gold and other precious metals. Aside from selling precious metals such as gold, platinum, rare coins and etc they also give ideas to their clients on how to be successful in this form of investment. So if you or know someone that is searching on how to safeguard your saving then it’s high time you invest your money to buy gold bullion. I’d come to realize that price of gold never depreciate over the past years. Visit for more detailed information.


I am blogging while waiting for the boyfriend to come online. Just had my bath few minutes ago and I immediately hit the open button of my desktop. I am going to visit some blog after we chat. It's been a while since the last time I blog hop I owe some visit to those you visit me regularly.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sounds Asleep

It's 10.35 in the evening here in the other part of the world. Everybody is sounds asleep except me who is sitting in front of my desktop blogging. Huh, been blogging most of the time for the past couple of days and in fact my fingers are getting tired. Hopefully I can finish the few task left in my payu2 dashboard. I wish I will get another bunch of assignment this weekend.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

House Hunting Made Easy

If I am to choice a house in the future I want it situated in a nice place. A place where in the kids could play freely and safe. A year ago I tried searching for a possible house for us to rent in the future. But unfortunately I was not able to find the ideal house that met our needs and budget. That is why I know how hard it is to hunt the perfect apartment or house without worrying the budget. Aside from the budget there are also some stuff that you need to take into consideration when searching and planning to rent a house. Anyhow, if you want an apartment around the University of Arizona that is not a problem because Apartment Guide has a wide range selection of apartment that will surely suit your needs and budget. At Apartment Guide one can search thousands of apartments, photos, and floor plans from communities nationwide. They have been helping serving the people since 1975 and with their unique user friendly website set-up that provide functional and comprehensive information in making apartment shopping and renting easier. So what are you waiting for? Visit for more information now and who knows you will find the right house for you and your family.

Running Out Of Words

Since yesterday I have been blogging most of the time trying to finish all my pending tasks. And boy, I still have few more task left. It's pretty annoying when I run out of words or I can not do a good review. What more if I could not type anything and when I am done typing one sentence I immediately hit the delete key in the keyboard. How about you? Have you experience what I am experiencing right now? I hope not!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Adult Acne Treatment

Luckily, I don’t have a sensitive skin that is why I only got acne when my monthly period is coming. However there are lots of people who are not lucky as I am. So, if you’re one of those who are suffering from acne infection worry no more. There are several adult acne treatment that are safe and effective. All you have to do is visit, one can get the best acne treatment.

Body Acne Treatment

There are lots of products for acne body treatment that are available in the market today which makes its complicated to find out which one is effective and safe. Gladly, I happen to came across this website which called which helps those who have body acne problem find the best body acne treatment possible. For more information and comprehensive review on the best body acne treatment available in the market today visit

A Romantic Valentines

I know this post is kind of late, nonetheless I still want to post this. Anyway, I did not able to great you all a Happy Valentines yesterday. Since I did not get anything yesterday I am wondering what gift I want to received yesterday.

You Are a Romantic Valentine
You can't help it... Valentine's Day means a lot to you. You have a lot of expectations about this day. And when it comes to Valentine's Day, money is cheap. A big, expensive gift isn't about to win over your love. You prefer a gift that's straight from the heart. Nothing would make you swoon more than a handwritten love letter. And if your sweetie doesn't happen to have a way with words, that's okay. You'd love a drawing, photograph, song, or even a special home cooked meal.

Increase Your Blog Traffic

Being a single mother is not an easy task more especially if you don’t have a permanent work like me. So when I found out that I could earn through blogging I could help but wonder how I will do it. And because I am eager to earn while staying at home I did not stop searching until I found it out. However earning through blogging is not easy as I think, I need to build a good traffic but I don’t have any idea what SEO is. To those who are struggling to increase your search engine ranking and want to boost your blog traffic can help you. One can get free seo software, with this software you don’t need to stress yourself submitting your blog/website to thousands of directories and keep track of them all.

Lose Weight By Means Of Diet Pill

The last time I and my friend talked she talk about her plan on losing weight but this time she wants to try using diet pill. I wonder if she is taking the diet pill she told me. Like me she has been raring to get back her figure before giving birth but always failed. To those who are also struggling to lose weight, why not try using diet pill. Who knows you will succeed this time. And talking about diet pill, I happen to bump this website that is designed in bringing the best diet pills in market today. Every diet pill they reviewed goes through an extensive analysis to determine the effectiveness of the product. So to all those who want to try diet pill as a mean of losing weight I urge you to visit

Happy Monday

Hello folks! How is your Monday doing so far? As for me I had a busy Monday, I did some cleaning and also assisted my grand mother to take her bath since my mother is also busy. My room is kind of messy but I don't have time to clean it today so I do it tomorrow. I also hope I will have more time tomorrow to do few of my tasks.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Medical Scrubs Online Store

I thought that medical scrubs will stay boring and plain forever but I was wrong because nurse and doctors nowadays have a lot of options on their dressing. Aside from wearing those plain and white uniforms, now they can be fashionable by wearing colorful and stylish scrubs. I happen to came across this online store called Scrubs and Beyond. Scrubs and Beyond is the leader of medical scrubs and nursing uniforms and has introduced new ways for the people on the medical field be chic without having a hole in their pocket. And since its Valentine’s Day I would like to have this scrub on the picture. Isn’t cute? But unfortunately I am not working in the medical field so I would not have a chance to wear this Dickies Tulip Hearts print scrub top. Anyway, whether you are looking for sports scrubs, surgical scrubs or veterinary scrubs and other medical scrubs Scrubs & Beyond has it. At this time they are running a video contest. Joining is very easy, the contest must make a video her/himself, friends, co-workers or student rocking with this scrub uniforms. Winners will receive $2,500 Sru Scrubs & Beyond cbs and Beyond gift card.


Geezz.. I should be taking a nap this time but then here I am sitting in front of my desktop blogging. I only had three hours of sleep last night and we need to get up very early to catch the first trip but unfortunately my son doesn't want to go home so we did not catch the first trip.

A Family Dream Vacation

After days of sweating it out with your job and stressing out your mind and body from the roughness of everyday routines, it is high time to give yourself a break. Find a place to relax and enjoy, a place that is away from the daily stress because of work. Or better yet surprise you family this coming summer to a family vacation in Jamaica. Jamaica’s legendary beaches will truly make you worry free and stress free for all the work that is left behind. One great website that offers discount vacation packages and all inclusive family vacations is They have program to ensure that youngsters enjoy the every seconds of the vacation although they are well supervised. So if you’re planning to get a Jamaica vacations book at Super Club Breezes resorts and save up to $770. You can call them at 877-273-3937 for more information.

On Home Plans

For sure each one of us has a vision of a perfect home. I for instance want my house to have a spacious lawn with garden. Another reason why I want a spacious backyard is that I want my kids to play around. However this dream would not come into realization if we don’t contact someone that is expert in home planning. Finding someone that could make your house plan can be a daunting task but gladly the internet technology has been created. At one can get wide range of fabulous home plans that will suit your budget. I am pretty sure with their ample of house plan one can get the designs that will meet all the needs and desires without having problem on the budget. So if you are or know someone that is searching for contemporary house plans, log house plans, lake house plans, country house plans, mountain home plans and etc perhaps you visit They are currently offering 10% off to any home plan purchase until March 1.


I am finally back after 30 hours of being offline. The longest hour (so far)of being away in front of desktop for this year. I headed to my sister's place yesterday morning with my son and cousin. I haven't had enough time to rest but I decided to check if I have tasks.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Best Night Cream

Have you notice the fine lines in your face? Or have you been trying many kinds of night cream but to no avail. Then perhaps, its high time you tried using another night cream and this time only use the best night creamavailable in the market today. Or better yet visit, they analyzed and reviewed hundreds of night cream available in the market today and ranked them base in effectiveness, safety, affordability, long term benefits, ingredient quality and customers feedback. So if you are looking for the best night cream possible, visit now!

Good Quality Exercise Equipment

To those who are searching for exercise equipment I have good news for you. I recently I came across this online store which offer wide range of exercise equipment such as treadmill, exercise bikes, ellipticals, skiers, steppers and a lore more! NordicTrack has been in the business for over 32 years and their quality products and service made them number 1 retailer in fitness equipment. So hurry visit the website now and avail of their limited time FREE shipping on equipment and accessories

Happy Weekend

Good morning guys! Do you have any plan this weekend? How about this coming Valentines day? As for I will be off to my sister's place in few hours and will be back tomorrow morning. I don't have a date on Sunday as the boyfriend is miles away but I will be attending a valentines party on Sunday night, not exciting though.It would be a busy weekend for me.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Expired Task

Brr.. Another expired task worth $10. I only found out that my task in blogsvertise last night when a good friend, the owner of My Daily Business blog helped me do the task. It's frustrating because I seldom received task that high payouts. Hopefully, they will assign this task to me again.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


For almost two years after losing the page rank for this blog finally the mighty Google has given back the page rank that I’ve been wishing. I am not expecting that this blog will get a pagerank since I haven’t giving much time visiting other blogs. Nonetheless I am very grateful for the PR3 that Mr. Google has given for this blog. Hopefully the pagerank will stay longer…

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Plus Size Women's Clothing

I have gained more than ten kilos for the past three years. Before I do not have any problem when it I am shopping my clothes. However this change after I gained more than that the weight I desired. Shopping for my clothes has been a dilemma for me since then and would end up frustrated because I didn’t able to find or buy the clothes I want. Gladly, internet technology is created and so shopping online has been a hit for some years now. While searching for an online store that offer a wide range of women’s clothing I came across this fabulous website. Through this online store one can get fabulous plus size women clothing, such as tops, jeans, dress, leggings, skirts, swimwear, maternity dress, lingerie and a lot more. SimplyBe Women’s Clothing are fashionable and made of good quality materials. So those who are in search of plus size of clothes, perhaps you could visit SimplyBe and checkout their new spring collection.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Slight Headache

I had a slight headache when I wake up from my nap few minutes before talking to my boyfriend online. I guess I've been thinking too much for the past few days. I and my boyfriend had been through a some misunderstanding and arguments but we always end up settling the problem. I know there are still a lot of problem that will come our way but we promise to solve the problem as matured couples do.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Web Hosting Reviews

Okay, I have been blogging for more than two years, blogging thought me a lot moreover it allows me to earn while staying at home. At first I don’t have any idea that I could earn while doing the stuff I love. Having a blog of my own is a dream come true, thanks to wonderful friend who taught me how to make my own blog/website. For few months now I have been considering in moving all my blog to wordpress. But before anything else I need to find a reliable web hosting that will give me the most in return of my money. However, I came across different web hosting network which offer various web hosting services and promises to be the best among other web hosting company. But after going through a lot of web hosting reviews online I came across this website called provides free web hosting reviews and ratings! Customers can save big $$ through web hosting coupon codes, ratings, and promotions. So to those who have been searching for webhosting but having a hard time choosing then perhaps you could visit and check out their top 10 web hosting companies which offer cheap web hosting, unlimited domain hosting, and are among the best hosting companies on the web.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Grr.. I am in my farm right now but I could not see my niegbor's farm. I also could not see anything when I try fertilizing others farm and adopting an animal. I guess there is something wrong in farmville now. Hay.. laziness is striking my butt again, I still have few pending task that will expire tomorrow morning I just hope I will finish it before it expire.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Non-Sense Post!

Dang! I have been staring my computer monitor for long time now trying to make a relevant post. But I couldn’t think of a good topic to post that is appropriate for this blog so once again I will be posting non-sense topic I really need to update this blog as much as I can because I want this blog to gain a PR. It’s almost 2 years when Mr. Google took the pagerank of this blog. So I guess it’s high time to have a PR again. I also want to give a face-lift for this blog as it’s more than 1 year when I asked Tchel to make this layout. I really hope I could think of a nice header design very soon….

Monday, February 1, 2010

Search Engine Optimization Copywriting

When I started blogging few years ago I did not know much about search engine optimization or SEO. My only thought then is to have my own website or blog where I can write what I wanted to and share them to my friends online. Little did I know that I could earn through blogging and that was the time I started reading about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is very important especially if you want your website/ blog be visible in any search engines. So if are you planning to put up a business online? Or is an online business owner and want to get more profit than you usually get in the previous year you should know about SEO. Like other business, online businesses also need proper promotion to gain customers. For this to realize your business website should be visible and easy to find in any search engines and this will only happen you know about SEO. In today’s high competitive situation you should take smart solution to succeed in your online business. I came across this website called, the company provides, SEO web design, social media, search marketing, effective link, seo copywriting and SEO services. Their SEO expert will help you place your website/blog on top pages in any search engine which guarantee you a lot of traffic from different customers. So, whether you have a big or small business or planning to have your own business online the right place to visit

Of Being A Lazy Bee

Geez… I still have one pending task to do assign for this blog few days ago. I want to do it yesterday but the blogging mood inside me was blown by the wind. I simply could not permit this task slip in my hands like the other tasks that I’ve lost few weeks ago because of being forgetful. So this time I have learned my lesson. One more reason is that I am maintaining multiple blogs and sometimes I run out of story to share. In fact I am posting non sense post just to update my blogs. Well, I am not a good writer and my English is not good compare to other blogger. It’s kind of frustrating every time I receive a notification that my post is rejected because of grammatical error.