Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So Disappointed...

..because I could not open my new blog. When I have time to start hopping and ask for link exchange my blog or the web host isn't working. I am still waiting for the reply from my web host. I hope she will response my message real soon. Since my new blog isn't working I decided to visit some blogs and will continue updating my link list.

Banner Stand For Your Business

Having a business is not an easy task; it’s not all about having enough capital or a nice place to put up your business. There are lots of things to consider. So whether you already own a business or just starting a business you should know that promoting a business is one important key to success. Business cards, television advertising, radio advertising, print advertising or putting your business name in a banner are some ways to promote you business. To those business owners or planning to open a business I recently came across this website which offers cheap banner stands yet high quality products. They also offer brochure, post cards, fliers, framing, canvass art, mounting and a lot more. Should you need more information? You can visit them or call them at 1-888-880-HUGE for live answers in all your questions.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Midnight Update

I really don't know what to write in here. I don't have anything to share as of this moment no task either assign for this blog. My earning for this week is kind of slow compare to my earning last week. Hopefully next week is a fruitful week. I really need to save some molah for the project I am thinking about. Anyway it's past midnight here in my other part of world. So bye for now guys and happy weekend!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Online Translation Tool

English is not my primary languages, often times I am having difficulty writing a good post just because my grammar is not perfect. I remember when I was just starting blogging someone posted a comment in one of my post saying my English grammar is bad. I was kind of furious as my first reaction but I realized that I could not please everybody so I just take the comment as a lesson to do well in what I am doing. I know that there are thousands of blogger who is not fluent in English some of them are using online translation generator. Talking about online translation generator I recently found this website that offer online translators tools. Translia is the largest professional translation business that guarantees 100% satisfaction, meaning if you’re not satisfied with their translation, you don't need to pay for their service. Other website set minimum words to translate but with Translia you don’t have to worry as they don’t have a minimum numbers of words to translate. What makes this website exciting is that, although you’re not a translator you can still earn money by joining Translia Affiliate program and receive 15% of offered sales as commission. Anyway, if you need to transfer and language to a different language the right place to visit is


Been considering of changing the layout of this blog for long time now but because I have so many stuff to run offline this blog is wearing the same layout (for more than a year now). Anyway when I am about to start doing the layout I could not open the vector graphics I purchase at vectorsctock as the graphics is in pdf file. Grr.. I am just annoyed! Hopefully they will help me fix this hitch I already emailed the customer support and am waiting for the reply. I will surely start the layout as soon as I can open the graphics but if not I will just use other vector graphics I have. This blog really need a makeover. Soooon…..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Administration Job

Millions of students will graduate this month I'm afraid the rate of unemployment in my country would sore high in the coming months as job vacancies is not enough to those who are jobless and it searching for job. I wonder if any of graduate would use in searching for a jobs in administration. A friend will graduate this month she is kind of worry she might not able to find a job soon. Who know she can find a job with the help of this website.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Taking A Break

I am going to take a break for a while, maybe an hour or so. My eyes is getting heavy and needs some rest. My son is in bed now and want me beside him. I still have few task that need to be done and I am not yet done cleaning my link list. I hope I will be back real soon so I could finish all my tasks. Who know the Sherif will be happy and give me another batch of extra tasks.huh, keeping my finger cross..

Wrinkle Eye Cream

Goodness! I am getting old but I don’t care I am very much happy to reach this age. But along with getting old wrinkles under my eyes is getting noticeable. I wonder if I am going to use anti wrinkle eye cream in the future. We’ll see, as for now I am happy and contented on how I look. If in case I’ll resort in using eye cream to get rid of dark circle under my eyes and prevent eye wrinkle I am sure that I am going to red reviews from other using to be sure that I am buying effective and safe cream.

Safe Colon Cleansing

Are you looking for unbiased, independent and honest colon cleaning review website? Wondering where you can find effective and safe colon cleanser? Perhaps you could visit, the website could help you find the best colon cleanser available in the market nowadays. With so many colon cleanser products available on the market, choosing which one is effective and which one is not. So that is why visiting this website will help those who want to buy colon cleansing products.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Updating Link List

As I've mentioned in my previous post I am going to clean my link list as some of the blog I've link is not active anymore. I also found out that I could not find my link in few of the blogs I visited. So guys, if in case you not found your link in my link list is only mean that my link is not added in your list if you still want to be added in my link list please let me know so I could add your link but after adding my link.

Mens Vitamins

I never thought that there vitamins that are specially made for men. But that was before I found out this informative website that talk about how important the vitamins for men. So calling men out there if you're considering on taking multivitamins for men I urge you to visit Through this website you will find out how important is it to take vitamins especially if you're getting old. My father is living with my sister I wonder if my sister let him take vitamins that is especially made for men.

How To Treat Acne

I am glad that I am not prone to acne like the lady I saw at the mall few days ago. At first I really admire her as she is wearing a sexy top but when she turned around I noticed that she has some acne on her back which surprising because she don't have acne on her face. I wonder if she has been using treatments to get rid of those unwanted acne on her back. If I personally know her I will surely share the website which I found a while ago. The website will help her on how to treat acne at home. So if you are of those that is suffering from severe acne and tried many treatment but it seems that nothing is happening I guess it's high time you try another method.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Early Bird

I woke up very early today not because I have enough sleep by I had allergy attack. I woke up sneezing and my nose is a bit stuffy. I am glad that I am better now, no more stuffy nose and sneezing. Last night, I had a terrible migraine so I was not able to chat to the boyfriend and blog. Since I woke up a bit early I manage to visit some blogs and hopefully I still have time to continue the hopping later today.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Worry-free Moving

Are you planning to move to another state? Or have you experience moving to one place to another place? As we all know, moving is not an easy task as what other people think. Just imagine packing and unpacking your belongings and worrying their safety I am sure at some point of the moving process you sometimes wish not to move to another place. However, there are lots of reasons why people prefer to move despite the headache because of moving preparation. But if you will do a little homework moving is not a problem if you hire professional and trusted moving company to do the job for you. So to those who are planning to move to another place I would suggest you to check out San Diego moving company. They have well trained and fully informed and on top of this the company is ensured, bonded and licensed to do the moving.


Hello guys! How was your weekend? Did you celebrate it with your love ones? Or you are with your friends watching “The Event”? As for me, I was watching the fight with my sister. Although the fight was not exciting compare to Pacman’s previous fight I am still happy that Clottey did not succeed on beating Pacman although he builds a tough defense. A while ago, I visited some blogs in my link list and I found out that there are lots of inactive links in my list. And because of this I am considering on cleaning my blog list soon..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Custom Printed Labels

Nowadays high technology plays a vital role in our daily life most especially if you’re a business owner. As you’ve notice you will see custom labels of businesses as part of their advertisement. If you own a newly opened business then perhaps you will need the help of Data Graphics Inc.. They offer affordable yet stylish Custom Labels that will suit your taste and tight budget. They have been in the business for over 25 years, manufacturing good quality of graphics overlays, Custom Label, name plates, industrial label, roll labels and a lot more for all types of companies. Apart from this they also shipped your orders in the fastest way possible. So next time you need Custom Printed Labels head over to

Happy Weekend

Hello guys! It's weekend once again. Do you have any plan for this weekend? As for my, as usual I don't have any plan I will be reviewing my son for his fourth periodical test on Monday. I just hope he will cooperate for now I allow him to watch cartoon but after that we will the review. So anyway, have a wonderful weekend to all!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cheap Auto Insurance In NJ

Are you planning on getting your own car? If so, then you must remember that buying a car is very expensive and along with this you also need to get auto insurance for your new car. If you are living in New Jersey area you are lucky because you can get cheap auto insurance policy for your new car. I recently came across this website which offer cheapest car insurance nj, I could not believe myself it’s possible to buy cheap auto insurance these days. Well, if you’ve a doubt like I was you can visit the website and see how many people spend less on auto insurance in NJ with the best auto insurance providers. In this current economic situation, everybody is looking for ways to save couple of extra dollars. Others choice to cut off other unimportant expenses and even tried reading article which will help them on how to save money. And I must say getting cheap auto insurance is a good way to save some extra dollars.

Up Still

Just done chatting to the boyfriend and I promise him that I am going to bed immediately but here I am blogging still. I am really tired of doing our laundry which cause backache. But I could not stop my self from grabbing task in triple P I could not afford to lost some $$$.. I know I sounds greedy but I don't care I need some molah...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Quality of Shutters

Who don’t want a beautiful house? I am sure everybody wants a beautiful house that is peaceful to live in. Beautifying a house is come in a handy these days, all you have to need is the right resources and you will for sure reach what want in your house. Online shopping is one good technique to find good quality of materials that you could use in building your dream house. Anyway, if you’re looking for high quality of exterior shutters for your house you can head over to Larson Shutters Company. They are one of the finest providers of exterior shutters in a reasonable price. At Larson Shutters Company one can get vinyl exterior shutters and thermo plastic shutters, wood shutters include western red cedar shutters, incense cedar wooden shutters, pine wood shutters, cypress wood shutters and california red wood and a lot more. What makes this online store different to other online store is that they offer FREE shipping and shipped your orders to your door steps.


At last I already started the layout for this blog. Hopefully I could install the layout before this month end. I've been using this layout for more than a year now and it's high time that this blog have a face lift.

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Son's Future

I am not getting any younger I admit it and in fact I sometimes worry about my son's future. That is why I going to saving for his future. I never know what will happen to me in the future so I want my son to be safe financially until he finish his schooling. I am even considering on having a life insurance so I start comparing term life insurance rates that is okay to my budget.

On Laptop

A week ago my friend was here at the house she asked my help on doing her school project. She brought her laptop and my son and nephew played with it. But I was very surprised when my son ask me to buy a laptop for him. I know I could not buy a laptop for the coming years but I say yes to my son so he will not be bugging me. If money is not a problem I would like to buy a laptop soon since my desktop has been hanging up for few months now.

Roller Coaster

I had a roller coaster ride day yesterday nonetheless everything was fine. How I wish I could share in this blog the reason why I called it a roller coaster day. Anyway it's another week to start I hope this week will be more fruitful for me (money wise).

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yet Another Blog

As you all know I am maintaining multiple blogs and sometimes I don’t have enough time to update each blog in a regular basis. However it doesn’t stop me for making another blog, yes you read it right guys I have another blog. It is not officially open yet but I have new post in there. Hopefully I could find a nice wordpress layout for it. I’ve been dreaming of having a wordpress blog but since I don’t know much about wordpress I ask a blogger friend to help me and I am very thankful to her for extending her hand to me. She helped me on my domain registration and web site hosting. Talking about web hosting, finding a reliable web hosting is not an easy task especially that there are lot of web hosting website promising to be the best among other web hosting companies. Just in case you are in a lookout for a Dedicated Server Hosting perhaps you could visit is an independent web hosting review site and for this year they rated the top web hosting company based on cheap we hosting, dedicated servers, dedicated IP and reliable servers. On top of this the website also offers useful resources to those who are just starting in blogging. Should you need more detailed information? Give a visit now!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Photos

At last manage to upload new photos in my facebook profile. I've been wanting to upload new picture in FB but my desktop is preventing me from doing so, that is if I am not lazy. For now allow me to take a nap I'll be back to blogosphere later today hopefully I'll have enough time to blog hop.

On Truck Accesories

Nowadays owning a car is not a luxury but rather a necessity more especially if your job requires you to travel from one place to another. And in times of emergency when the ambulance is not available you don’t need to fret because you have your own car. However, owning a car is not easy as one two three. You have to be responsible enough to face the consequences of driving a car. Anyway if you own a truck or any kind of vehicle you will agree with me when I say that accident is unavoidable circumstances when you’re driving. And in times like this you might need to purchase new pickup truck accessories to change the damage part of your truck cause by the accident. offer wide selection of interior truck accessories such as husky liner, floor mats, cargo liner, seat covers, dash kits, carpet, vinyl flooring and a lot more. They also have exterior truck accessories such as head lights, light bulbs, tail lights, winches and a many more. You don’t need to worry upon paying as they follow security protocols to protect the customers. So next time you need any truck accessories don’t forget to visit Real Truck or better yet sign up to their exclusive email offer to get the latest hot deals right in your inbox.

Lazy Butt

Oh man what I am doing? I still have some pending task left but laziness is hitting my butt once again. And because I am pushing my self to stay in front of my desktop it takes me a decade before I could finally publish one post. I am not complaining because I have been asking for more tasks so I could earn more molah.

On Life Insurance

Getting a life insurance or any other insurance these days is not easy as there are lot of insurance companies that promise to be the best among other insurance company. So if are considering on getting life insurance for your families future? If so I urge you to visit This website allow us to compare and find life insurance quotes online that meets our budget and needs. ON top of this the website also provide information about the policy and how important it is to those who are don’t have enough knowledge to different kind of insurance.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Insurance Quotes

Are you searching for the best insurance quotes in the world wide web? I happen to found this website called is the consumer’s resource for fast and affordable insurance quotes in the net nowadays. All you have to do is enter your zip code and choice quote and viola one can get database insurance quotes from thousands of insurance providers operating in the United States. Should you need more information? Give a visit for more information.