Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Batch

I am not yet done with my tasks and I am pleased when I checked my mail this morning as I have another batch of assignment from blogtoprofit assigned to my other blog Thoughts of a SAHM. Having a tasks for weekend is what I like must. Hopefully every weekend is always a fruitful weekend to me, I know I often sounds greedy for always wanting task. Well, who don't want an extra molah? For sure everybody wants, with the uncertainty of economic every centavo counts.

3 shared thoughts:

grace said...

hi.. xlinks tayo?

imelda said...

i wrote them too lot and they said il be given in their next round of giving tasks by early of May

Ms. Journ said...

good to know that your making money with blogtoprofit. I am a member of that site too but I got only one time offer hahaha...

Anyway sis, just let me know if you want exlink for us to exchange updates everyday.

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