Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Web Host

Dang! I have been looking in the screen for many minutes now but I could not think well. Whenever I tried to type something I always end up freezing the delete key on my keyboard. There are times that my mind is full of good ideas but when I am about to put them into words surprisingly I could not remember anything. Anyway, if you a follower of my blogs you will notice that I’ve been blogging about having a wprdpress blog. I know I am maintaining multiple blogs but I heard that a wordpress blog has more opportunity than having a free domain blog. I am not yet decided whether to pursue this plan or not since I only know a little about wordpress. However an online friend promises to help me when I am already decided. Though I am not yet decided whether to have a wordpress blog or not I am already searching and reading good reviews of top web host provider. And on my search I happen to came across this website called It helps newbie wordpress user to choose the best web hosting provider that go with your requirements and needs. It also gives a good resources and terminology. They have reviewed top web hosting companies based on price, popularity, features, control panel, overall ease of use, support and the additional services offered. I also found out that searching for web host is not an easy task. You should consider few factors such as storage, data transfer, domains hosted, number of databases, customer service and money back guarantee. However, if you will do a little research I am quite sure you will find something that is useful in choosing your web hosting. Now I know where to go when I finally decide to make another blog but in wordpress this time.

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