Saturday, January 9, 2010

Growing Up Fast

My son is turning 5 years old this month, how time flies and before I knew it I will be searching for first communion invitations.Well, I still have ample of time to prepare this occasion, for I need to plan for his coming birthday. He kept on asking me if we can celebrate his birthday in school with his classmate but I always tell him that mama will check if I have enough money to spend and he understand that. Although he can be too demanding sometimes which I don’t know where he gets this attitude but he always accept reasons and explanations. I always pray that he grow up to be a good man as I want him to be and will respect others right.

I Need An Online Backup

For almost a year my desktop has been acting up and in fact I brought it to repair shop many times. If money is not a problem I would like to buy a laptop for me to use every time the desktop is acting up. But since I don’t have stable income and being the bread winner in the family I have other priorities than buying a laptop. So while I can’t buy the new laptop I am considering to use online backup for my files. I’ve lost some important files when my desktop breaks down for the first time. However finding a reliable online backup is not easy that is why I am happy when I stumble upon this website called

Happy Weekend

Hello peps! Do you have any plan with your love ones this weekend? As for me, I have lot of things to do this weekend. Aside from sitting in front of my desktop lol I am going to review my son for this exam on Monday to Thursday. He skipped his class for two days so I need to teach him the lesson for that day. Hopefully, he will cooperate to his mama because if not we will end up nothing.

Perfect Honeymoon Gataway

Every time I heard someone that is going to ex-change I do’s to his/her partner I could not help but think of my own dream wedding. But anyway to those who are getting married soon and is searching on where to find prefect Honeymoon Getaway package at the most romantic resort in Mexico then perhaps you could visit Karisma Hotels and Resorts. Some of the facilities that honeymooner can enjoy include beach butlers, healthy and excellent foods, iced bar tops, swim-up rooms, white gauze curtains around the beds, hot tubs, hammocks and a lot more. Apart of being a perfect place for honeymoon Karisma Hotels and Resorts also offer family-friendly resorts, adults-only resort, ocean-front suites and etc.