Friday, January 15, 2010

Be Free From Stretch Mark

During pregnancy I was anxious about having stretch mark on my tummy. I know it doesn’t look good most especially if you’re wearing something that will show your tummy. Thankfully I am blessed because I did not get any stretch mark on my tummy after giving birth. However, my cousin is not lucky as I am she is now searching for stretch mark cure in order for her to gain back her flawless stomach. Hopefully she could find an effective cream for her tummy.

My Horoscope

The Solar Eclipse, being aligned with Venus and in your solar house of allies and hopes, will produce a powerful and positive effect on you, Pisces. Networking, expanding your circle of friends, and involvement in group activities are all favored over the next six months. An existing friend could introduce you to someone who can open doors to you: the most exciting thing is that these are surprises, not formal meetings. Mercury turns direct in the sign of Capricorn, showing that what appeared to be a big problem concerning money has turned in your favor today.