Friday, January 29, 2010

Traveling With Babies

Almost five years ago when I give birth to a bouncing baby boy. As a first time mom I find it hard and tiring traveling with my son especially when he was stills an infant. Fortunately I don’t need to travel a lot with my son back then. However I still have bad and good experience travelling with my son. I always need to plan our travel ahead of time to prepare his clothes, feeding bottles, milk and water. When he gets a little older I never forget to bring his favorite toy for him to play while we are traveling. The worst part is when I need to carry him for many hours while he is sleeping. Nonetheless having another baby girl in the future is what I am waiting for. More especially that I recently found this website called which offers wide range of baby products for traveling such as infant travel bed. Their infant travel bed is attractive and lightweight; it's perfect for a nap on the go with diaper changing comfort as well. It also has large storage pockets hold all of the essentials, and the sides fold down easily for compact travel with a carry strap. It includes two soft toys, a padded bottom and sides, and a fitted sheet. Aside from selling baby products also offer baby travel tips on how to travel with a baby with so much pleasure and less hassle.


The mother is not in a good mood today and so I am. She is asking same question many times as if I she not believe what I am saying. It is really annoying that I answer her back in bad tone. I know I am not suppose to answer back my mother. Having a bad mood is not an excuse to answer back your parents in high tone but knowing me I more want to be alone and stay in my room when I am in this kind of mood. You can talk to me in a nice way but please no high note or something that could make me mad because I am sure you will be in deep trouble lol.

Medical Alert For Elderly

My grandmother is living in her son next to our house. There are times that her son is working at night and my grandmother is left alone. Sometimes I worry for the safety of my grandmother, she walk the way she walk 10 years ago. Apart from her walking problem she has high pretension problem and she can speak well because of the mild stroke that happened few years ago. I am glad that Medical Alert is formulated to help elderly people when they are alone in the house or even outside walking. Unlike common alert device, this Medical Alert doesn’t require the elderly to push the button as it can detect the accident and automatically send emergency signal. This alert device can be put in the neck or waist to make it reachable in case of emergency situation. Talking about medical alert, has 2 new products to choice from. The “fall alert” detector is use at home it alerts when an elderly was fallen and can’t even push a button. The second one is “GPS Tracking Bracelet” it has 2-way speakerphone so they can use it like a cell phone and call for help in case of emergency, or the elderly can be found in case of lost while roaming. In case you are interested in the device and you need further information you can visit the website for more information.