Monday, March 8, 2010

My Son's Future

I am not getting any younger I admit it and in fact I sometimes worry about my son's future. That is why I going to saving for his future. I never know what will happen to me in the future so I want my son to be safe financially until he finish his schooling. I am even considering on having a life insurance so I start comparing term life insurance rates that is okay to my budget.

On Laptop

A week ago my friend was here at the house she asked my help on doing her school project. She brought her laptop and my son and nephew played with it. But I was very surprised when my son ask me to buy a laptop for him. I know I could not buy a laptop for the coming years but I say yes to my son so he will not be bugging me. If money is not a problem I would like to buy a laptop soon since my desktop has been hanging up for few months now.

Roller Coaster

I had a roller coaster ride day yesterday nonetheless everything was fine. How I wish I could share in this blog the reason why I called it a roller coaster day. Anyway it's another week to start I hope this week will be more fruitful for me (money wise).