Monday, March 22, 2010

Online Translation Tool

English is not my primary languages, often times I am having difficulty writing a good post just because my grammar is not perfect. I remember when I was just starting blogging someone posted a comment in one of my post saying my English grammar is bad. I was kind of furious as my first reaction but I realized that I could not please everybody so I just take the comment as a lesson to do well in what I am doing. I know that there are thousands of blogger who is not fluent in English some of them are using online translation generator. Talking about online translation generator I recently found this website that offer online translators tools. Translia is the largest professional translation business that guarantees 100% satisfaction, meaning if you’re not satisfied with their translation, you don't need to pay for their service. Other website set minimum words to translate but with Translia you don’t have to worry as they don’t have a minimum numbers of words to translate. What makes this website exciting is that, although you’re not a translator you can still earn money by joining Translia Affiliate program and receive 15% of offered sales as commission. Anyway, if you need to transfer and language to a different language the right place to visit is


Been considering of changing the layout of this blog for long time now but because I have so many stuff to run offline this blog is wearing the same layout (for more than a year now). Anyway when I am about to start doing the layout I could not open the vector graphics I purchase at vectorsctock as the graphics is in pdf file. Grr.. I am just annoyed! Hopefully they will help me fix this hitch I already emailed the customer support and am waiting for the reply. I will surely start the layout as soon as I can open the graphics but if not I will just use other vector graphics I have. This blog really need a makeover. Soooon…..