Saturday, April 17, 2010


Good night peeps! As much as I want to finish all my pending task today but I could not simply do it. I am getting sleepy and my eyes is getting heavier whenever I blink my eyes. I only hope I still have enough time tomorrow to finish two task left from blogitive. I don't want this opportunity slip in my hands like my previous task. So ciao for now guys!! See you all again tomorrow.


Soon my longing to beautify our living room will come to an end. My mother has been asking me to buy a wall clock since our old wall clock has retired almost a year ago. Now that I can put ceiling and paint the wall I am going to buy a stylish wall clock to add beauty to our uninteresting wall. If I have the money I would love to buy howard miller grandfather clocks as they can give any home look classy even in a not so up scaled home like ours. Talking about grandfather clock, are you one of those you have wanted to own this kind of clock? Perhaps you are searching on where to find good quality of grandfather clocks and other types of clocks. Recently I happen to found this site that offers all types of rare clocks at a very affordable price. They have an excellent service as they maintain good customer satisfaction.


I love to beautify my finger and toe nails by my self. So I am wondering what funky nail polish I am and here is what I got after taking a quiz at blogthing.

Your Funky Nail Polish Color is Purple
When it comes to funkiness, you believe a little goes a long way. You may rock some funky purple fingernails or toenails, but you keep the rest of your look pretty classic. You are very stylish, and accessorizing is your forte. You can pull out the right sunglasses or hat to complete a look. You are willing to take risks but only when they seem right to you. And you don't follow the crowd unless you like where they're going.

Outdoor Decor

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