Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Batch

I am not yet done with my tasks and I am pleased when I checked my mail this morning as I have another batch of assignment from blogtoprofit assigned to my other blog Thoughts of a SAHM. Having a tasks for weekend is what I like must. Hopefully every weekend is always a fruitful weekend to me, I know I often sounds greedy for always wanting task. Well, who don't want an extra molah? For sure everybody wants, with the uncertainty of economic every centavo counts.

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Kids are taking their naps now; my mother is outside to accompany someone to the hospital. My brother is outside to, so I am the only one who’s awake this time but soon I am going to take my nap as well as I woke very early this morning. However I still have few tasks left so I might as well do them before I take a nap. The cool gentle wind is making me sleepy so I am not sure if I could finish the tasks that I want to finish before chatting to the boyfriend. So I doubt if I could finish the tasks I wish to finish.

Satellite Internet Service

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