Friday, April 30, 2010

Maternity Clothes

Seldom do I go downtown because aside from its distance, the fare is relatively high. That is why whenever I get the chance to go downtown I have a to-do notes with me to remind me of important things I should be doing while there. It is hard to rely on memory because I tend to forget things especially when I get to chit chat with friends I haven't met for a long time. One in my to-do notes now is to buy a maternity dress for my sister. I wanted to surprise her with one. If I won't have much time to look for the type of maternity dress that I am sure she will like I will look it up in the net and browse through the variety of maternity clothes sold online especially at It sells a variety of trendy maternity clothes that my sister will really be happy to wear. I even fancy that if one day I will be together with my bf and I get pregnant again, I will shop trendy and sexy maternity clothes like the ones sold at this online store. Looking good is still very important for me even when one is pregnant.

Running Errands

I will accompany and I will be running errands for my kin so I won't be here for long. Glad that the weather is not too hot today. It will save me migraines. I hope to be back before my tasks expires. So, see you folks, later.