Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hair Lose

I personally know someone who that started to lose his hair when he reaches 30 years old. For five years I haven’t been seeing him and when I saw him the other day I was surprised because he is getting bald. I asked what happen to his hair and if he tried to do something to prevent from losing his hair. He told me that he tried some medication but to no avail. He even told me that at one point of his life he lost his confidence because he used to have a perfect type of hair. After we part our ways he asked me I can help him find an effective and safe medication for losing hair and at the same time I am also afraid I might lose some hair in the future because of the chemicals that is used in hair straighten. Gladly, I have internet connection at home so I started reading some tips to prevent from losing hair. I am please that I came across this site called The Hair Loss Guide tackles helpful information about losing hair and treatments on how to prevent hair lost.