Monday, July 12, 2010

Room Makeover

As you all know I am currently beautifying our home, just recently I manage to finish putting the ceiling in another room and in the living. This time I am starting to save for the flooring, my mother has already started putting the tiles in the living so hopefully I my saving would be enough before this month end. Then after I want my room to have a makeover, as of now I am sharing it with my mother and son. So I want to put few decorations to make my room bubbly. I am choosing whether to put flower painting or Disney Art characters. I am pretty sure my son would love to have a painting of his favorite Disney character. I am glad that I can shop Disney character painting without dealing the hustle and bustle of shopping. Anyway, I am not yet decided on what I am going to buy yet but one thing is for sure I will buy Disney painting online.

Need A Better Neighborhood

You Should Move To a Better Neighborhood

You really don't have the personality for moving. You only move if you should. You tend to worry about what might go wrong, so moving should be a clear upgrade for you. You would might rest easier if you were in a safer part of town closer to more services. Consider upgrading neighborhoods or home if you can. A homebody like you should have nice home to live in.