Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tripple Your Investment

I know it’s way to early to blog about holiday season but I don’t care as I always excited about it. I won’t be a christmas kid for nothing as the boyfriend call me when I am talking about holiday season. Anyway, for this coming Christmas I want to buy either a gold necklace of bracelet for my self. I am keeping my fingers cross that my saving would be enough until the end of this year, at least. If money is not a problem I am also considering in buying gold coins as an investment. So if you are looking for an investment I would suggest you to try investing in gold and you will be amazed at your return on investment after many years.

Good And Bad

It seems that there are lot of accidents happening in my country today. Few days after the death of the Binibining Pilipinas International 2009, Adelaide Manuel Gersbach a hostage drama happened at the Quirino Grandstand involving involving a filipino cop and chinese nationals from hongkong who is in their last day vacation. But if there are bad things happening in my country today, Filipinos should be proud of Venus Raj success in winning the 4th place in the recent Ms Universe beauty pageant. As much as I want to blog about it in detail i don’t have enough time to do it this time. Hopefully, I can do it in the next following days.


Last week I lost few tasks assign for this blog but because I am having problem with my desktop I missed finishing all the tasks that I need to finish. I am glad that when I check my dashboard this morning I saw available tasks for this blog and it’s not only once but three tasks. Isn’t good? Right after reserving the tasks available I hurriedly check the account of my good fried hoping that the task is also avialable in her dashboard. I happy that I also manage to reserve it for her which is good cos she also missed doing the tasks I also reserve for her last week as she was sick.

Business Endeavor

For many months now, I seriously thinking of having a business or investment to earn a decent amount of money for the future. I know the amount of receiving from the boyfriend and the amount I receive from writing reviews is more than enough for the daily needs of my family. But I also know that nothing is constant in this world, I often worry for the future of my son so I consider of having a good investment. Lately, I have been reading a lot of blogger talking about how safe it is to invest in precious metal such as gold, silver platinum and other precious metals. So I recon that buying gold coins would be benificial in the future as I gold has been the safe way to preserve once wealth. And in terms of precious metals is the right place to log on.

At The Internet Cafe

For more than a week now I have been chatting from the internet every afternoon. The boyfriend and I agreed to chat from the café so we could use the cam as I could not use the cam when I am chatting at home as I always freeze. It is also good that I am at the café as I have a chance to do my tasks and update my blogs. I can also visit other blogs if I don’t have tasks that need to be done. Anyway, I am going to go home soon. I only hope I could blog some before chatting to the boyfriend later tonight.

FInally An Update

Darn it’s been a while since my last post for this blog. Well, there is not exciting story happened to me and I don’t have task assign for this blog. The disadvantage of having multiple blogs is that you can update all your blog in a regular basis even if you want to update it regularly. Sometimes finding of a good topic to share is not easy more especially if you don’t know where to start. I also miss visiting other blogs though I always try to return the visit every now and then but I miss the days when I have ample time to visit other blogs. I hope my fund will be enough to bring my desktop to repair shop so I could go back to blogging like I used to be.