Monday, September 13, 2010

Coffee And Cigars

I am sipping a cup of coffee right now. I am sleepy but I could not just off my desktop and take a nap. I hope the coffee could wake me up. My brother who is watching TV is having his cup of coffee too but along with his coffee is a cigarette. I am wondering why he likes to drink his coffee with cigarette.

I will surely not understand why unless I tried but then I know smoking is not good for my health. So cigars is way out in my system. Speaking about cigars I happen to came across this site which offer cigars auction. You might be interested to check the site. Go and click the link above.

Heavy Eyes

Darn these eyes! It’s getting heavier and heavier whenever I blink. I just couldn’t take a nap this time as I have few tasks that need to finish. I am going to take this opportunity while my desktop is up because I don’t know when it’s going to freeze or worst it won’t open again. Yeah, that how bad my pc is. So whenever it’s up and working I could not let it pass without doing my tasks.

I guess I need to make a cup of coffee so I fight this drowsiness.

Failed Marriage

Divorce is not legal in my country that is why thousands of couple could not re-marry if ever the married didn’t work. However if you have money then you can file for a legal separation. Filling for a legal separation is expensive in my country so only few couples could afford to pay the expenses.

Just recently, well known pair in my country finally decides to take different ways. The wife file for a legal separation, well she said their married has been void for from the start as they failed to comply some papers. Well, whatever happen to the couple I wish they will be friends for the sake of their son.

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Yet Another Week

Hello pepz! How was your weekend? For me I am quite busy over the weekend. Last Saturday I was busy doing online tasks, thanks God my desktop allow me to do so but then not for long. Yesterday was a laundry day, I also finish few of my online tasks and there are still few tasks waiting to be done.

Today, Monday is another busy day for me. I am going to accounting office as I need to get the remaining balance of the SK Fund. The Barangay election is fast approaching so everybody is getting busy.

Accident Happen Anytime

Few years ago my cousin Albert had an accident. He was about to cross the street going to his school when suddenly a car who run fast hit him. The car owner brought him to the hospital and paid all the bills and medicine needed while he is at the hospital and when he gets home. All went well, my cousin survive after two operations. Now my cousin needs another operation to remove the stainless in his leg. The person who hit my cousin is the one who will pay the operation but he is nowhere to be found.

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