Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Investment Information

Darn! I am uber sleepy right now. I don’t know why I am sleepy, I had a good sleep last night. I guess it’s the cool temperature here that makes me want to go bed and take a nap. I would love to sleep but I do have a lot of online tasks that need to be done.

Another reason is I can’t stop my self from reading about investing. I don’t have money yet but if ever my saving is enough I will immediately start to investment. So as early as of now, I am starting searching for a good investment. So far investing in gold bullion is the secure and safest way to invest.

I will be reading more about investing in the next coming months or years. So when the time comes that I have enough money I know where to invest.

A Big Thank Sherif

Geez! I was so happy when I found out that sherif showered me with another batch of links assignments. This is really a big help on my part more especially that holiday season is fast approaching and I am thinking of buying something for a self. A reward for myself this year. I do hope that i will continue to receive offer before this year ends. How about you? Did you get another batch of online task from Sherif? If not, then for sure you will get your in the next following day. I know Sherif they treat all blogger fairly.

Enjoying The Holiday

The little one and my nephew are enjoying the holiday. The little one is playing his water gun which he got from the birthday of my nephew yesterday while the nephew is playing billard with my cousin. Ohh, I remember it’s semestral break for my nephew but the little will have his exam tomorrow and the next following days and after that he can enjoy the break as well.

I wonder if the messes (my younger sister’s daughter) will come for a visit. My younger sister will be going home to vote in the coming barangay election. For sure our little home will be noisy again.. but I don’t care as long as the little one and his cousins are having a good time playing.