Wednesday, October 27, 2010


One more to go and I am done with my online tasks that are due today. But then I am getting tired and my eyes are getting heavy so I might the task tomorrow morning. Since I am living in another part of the world and I am ahead for few hours I can still submit my post tomorrow morning before I go to the bank tomorrow morning.

So bye for now guys! I’ll see you soon. I might have my desktop back tomorrow or the following day.

Losing Weight

Woott!!! My younger sister and my mother noticed that I lose weight. Wow! I feel ecstatic when I heard it. To prove that they are not teasing me I check my weight this morning and indeed my sister and mother is telling the truth. I hope this is for good because if not I might consider searching for the best supplements for weight loss online. I really want to lose weight so I can wear any clothes that I want to wear when I go out.

Anyway, I did not do any drastic weight loss technique I am just uber busy that I sometimes missed eating my meals.

Am I Losing Weight?

As you all know I have been uber busy for the past couple of days preparing for the barangay and Sk election. With this I sometimes missed eating my meals. Yesterday, while I was changing my clothes my younger sister noticed that I lost weight. The first thing that comes out in my mouth was wow, I hope you are right sis because if you do I won’t resort in using weight loss diet pills that I found online.

But I might share it to my friend who wants to get rid the unwanted fats in her body. Like me, she started to gain right after giving birth to her son 9 years ago.

Power Interuption

I was chatting to the boyfriend when a sudden electric interuption happened. My plan is to do my online task right after chatting to the boyfriend but because of power interuption I missed blogging this morning. I hope I could finish my pending online tasks for they are due today. As much as I want to make this post longer but I don’t have enough time and I need to make a non paid post in between my pain post. Sigh! Who says life of the blogger is easy?