Thursday, November 25, 2010

Old Yet Charming

As you all know I am in a long distance relationship for four years. He is in his fifties, quite old if you’re going to compare to my age but then I believe that age doesn’t matter. As long as you love each other then why bother of what other people say.

When I and the boyfriend is in good mood we used to tease each other. Often times I tease him that I am the reason why his wrinkles is getting noticeabe. Well, in fact it’s not only the boyfriend who have wrinkles as I also notice fine lines near my eyes the other day. I guess, I and the boyfriend needs to find the best wrinkle cream available in the market. I want us to be charming and stunning although we’re old.

Catching Opps..

Yay, IPL showered opps yesterday but because I don’t have intenet connection at home I could go online and wait until those finishes became available for grabing again. Now that my internwt connection is back I keep on refershing my dashboard but to no avail. well, it’s not too late yet so I can still hope that I can grab those opps in my dashboard.