Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Almost Forgot..

…I need to wrap the shoe box that I prepared yesterday. If the little one didn’t asked me if I am done wrapping the shoe box that he is going to bring to school tomorrow I should have missed doing it. Good thing, the little one is not forgetfull like his mama because is he is I will be crazy tomorrow morning. I know he won’t go to school without the shoe box.

I will be off for a while to wrap the box. I will be back as soon as I am done wrapping it.


You Are Intuitive
You are a very balanced and steady person. You don't get swept away by emotions. You have measured responses to life's chaos. Your feelings play an important role in your life. You believe it's important to help others, and you don't mind if your contributions go unrecognized. You don't need to be appreciated to feel good. You already are proud of who you are!

Lucky Winner

I could not explain my feeling when I heard that someone won the highest pot money in the history of Philippine lotto. I haven’t heard if the sole winner redem the price.

If I am in her/his feet I would spend the money wisely. I know 700 hundred million plus is a very big amount of money but if the money will be spend wisely they will have a good life for the rest of their life and the next generation of their family. I will also put the money in the bank and buy gold as an investment for it has been proven that gold investment is really good. Well, I do hope that winner will be safe though for there would be lot of burglars out there and they are just waiting for a right chance.


It’s past 3 o’clock here in my other part of the world. I was chatting to my boyfriend an hour ago. Good thing I decided to check money making sites as I manage to reserve few opportunity which is really good. I am not sleepy but I am going to dose off now, the little one wants me to give him a hug.

Good night folks, or should I say good morning folks! Lol..