Thursday, December 9, 2010

Read And Do A Little Research

Christmas spirit is in the air, proof of this is you can see Christmas decoration in the streets, malls, houses and you can heard Christmas song played in the radio. The other day I was in the mall, I notice a family who are checking the camcorder displayed in the store. I can even hear what they are talking about; they are all excited for a family member who will have it as present.

I am wondering if they read digital camcorder reviews before purchasing the item. By reading reviews one will get enough information from people who already used the item or know the item.


The little one is having problem sleeping. He has been lying in bed for like an hour before he fall asleep. I guess it's because he had a long nap this afternoon. I am gald that he is sleeping now, I was kinda worried he can't get up early tomorrow. It only Friday so he needed to attend his class.

Being Prepared

Few moths ago, someone from our place died. She has been very ill for few months prior to her death. I am not degrading or belittling the family. But the family could not afford a decent funeral if not by the service of the funeral company wherein the person who died purchase a funeral insurance few years ago before she left. I just making a point here, that getting funeral insurance is a big help more especially to the less furtunate families.

It's Gloomy

Good morning folks! How was your sleep, mine is not really good. For some reason I had hard time falling asleep last night.

It’s a gloomy Thursday here in my part of the wolrd. It seems that the weather feel what I am feeling right now because I feel gloomy. How I wish I could share every bits of what I feel am feeling. But although this is my avenue wherein I could write anything and everything I put boundaries of what can only share to my visitors and readers.