Friday, December 10, 2010

On Tarp Thingy

Yesterday I was talking to my younger brother, I am advising him to buy a tarp to cover the newly build pigpen. It’s rainy season here in my part of the world, the temporary roof of the pigpen isn’t good enough to cover the piglet inside the pigpen when the rain started to pour. If feel pity for the piglet, if I have extra money this time I would like to buy tarp to cover them when it’s raining hard. If ever I have enough money I will buy it online because the ones in our local retail is pricey and not the tarp I am looking for.

Talking about tarp, I happened to came across this site that offer widest tarp online. One could get good quality and yet affordable canvass tarp, welding blanket, ble tarp, white tarp, custom tarp and much more. So next time you need custom made tarps you know where to go.

Last Round Of Christmas Shopping

TGIF, once again. Wow, I am getting excited in less than two weeks it will be Christmas day. I am currently listening Christmas songs played in the nieghborhood. I don’t know what is in the christmas songs that I find serene inside me whenever I heard them played.

Speaking about Christmas, I am not yet done with my Chirtmas shopping. I still need to buy christmas present for my god children. I also need to buy the gift for exchange gift of the little one and nephew's christmas party. Ohh, before I forget I haven’t buy the stuff that the little one needs to put in his shoe box that I wrapped few days ago. The school will be having a gift giving to less fortunate children before the school Christmas party.

Hay,with so many things that I need to buy I might end up banckcrupt before the end of this year, hehehe..