Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Busy Day

While typing this blog post I am having my morning coffee. I was talking to my love a while ago. He is kinda tired and sleepy to I let him rest. He work yesterday for a good friend so I understand that he needs to hit the bed earlier than usual.

Anyways, I will be off to downtown with my cousin soon. I have been busy for the past couple of days cleaning all the mess from the latest flood that hit our place. Oh well, I will not make this post long. I actually don’t have enough time to update my blog but I feel updating so here I am.

Monday, December 26, 2011

They Are Having A Good Time..

Duh! I’ve been staring on my netbook’s screen thinking of a good blog post but I can’t. My mind is wandering and I heard the little tot and his cousin having fun in the living room. It’s disturbing me. But I couldn’t ask them to stop making noise for I know they are having a great time. The little tot’s owns the louder laugh and voice. It’s a usual scene when my nieces who is living in another place is here so I just let the little tot enjoy every moment with his cousins.

On the other note, I missed taking photos of the little tot and his cousins before heading to the church yesterday because we were running out of time. When we arrived from the church I immediately go online to talk to my love that is already waiting for me to be online. Right after our chat I need to cook the spagitte at my Aunt’s house for a small family party she hosted so I truly forgot about the plan of taking photos of the kids.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Nothing much to say in here..

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Party

Yay, I missed blogging. It’s been few days since my last blog post in this blog and also in my other blogs. I was busy running mommy rules for the past few couple of days. The little is finally enjoying his Christmas vacation. They had their Christmas party yesterday. Thanks God. Mr Sunshine showed up so kid had a blast. I noticed the kids were excited when the teacher asked them to form a circle, a go signal that the exchange gift will start.

The kids are very excited that they immediately opened the gifts they have from their Manita/Manita. As usual some of the kids received a toy, others got tumblers. One pupil got a pillow and towel. I wonder if any of the teachers got yogitoes towels. Oh well, I didn’t saw them opening their gifts. Anyways, If you are not yet done buying presents for your loved ones for simple reason that you don’t know what present to give. Perhaps you can give them a yogitoes towels. You can visit for ample of choices.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

Yesterday I was at the downtown area with my cousin to shop for the little tot’s exchange gift for their Christmas party coming Wednesday. Its five days before Christmas. I have yet to wrap the presents I’ve already bought last week. I still have some people in my list but will surely finish buying the presents I need before the big day.

On the lighter note, I am glad that Mr Sunshine is showed up today. We had our laundry yesterday but because it was raining we didn’t hang them outside.

Talking about weather, typhoon Sendong is finally out of the country. But the typhoon left devastating experience in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. I wasn’t aware that Sendong ravaged Mindanao from flash floods, landslide and rain that left a distressing and upsetting trace of the place. I immediately sleep when arrive home from the church and left to attend a pre Jordan seminar in another town. I just found out about the typhoon when I login to my facebook account.

Before I hit the publish button I shall take this opportunity to condole those who have lost their loved ones.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pink Stuff For My Niece

I should be sleeping now since I will be waking up very early tomorrow for the Nine morning mass. In fact I only have few hours left. My phone alarm is set to alarm at two thirty in the morning. But I could not let this day pass without posting my share for Pink Fridays. So here is it.

Yay, for some reason I could not upload the photos now. I shall try again tomorrow morning when I arrived from the church...Goodnight for now..


The blogger won't allow me to uplad photo still so I just use my Photobucket account so I can upload my pictures. Anyways, above is the stuff I bought for my niece. A Barbie shoe, Robby Rabbit dress and since she is a Dora lover I decided to bought her a Dora headband.


A closer look of the Dora Headband. Isn't is cute?


Another photo of the Barbie shoe.

Photobucket Finally, my niece modeling her new stuff during thier Christmas Party few days ago. How about you? What do have for Pink Fridays?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Shopping Week

Duh, this week is indeed a week for shopping. Yesterday I got the money from the boyfriend, our budget for the little tot, nephews and nieces. They are so lucky for my boyfriend always make sure to pamper them during Christmas. Today I am going to meet my younger sister. I asked her to come yesterday but for some reasons she opt to meet me today. So I will be going to downtown in a while.

Before meeting my sister I am going to Gibi House to change the shoe I bought for the little tot. I am his mama yet I always choice the smaller size. Yay, my baby is not a baby anymore. So shall stop buying small sizes now.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Photo Opp With Santa?

More than a week ago, I and my younger sister was at the mall not to shop but to window shop for the kid’s clothes coming Christmas. While we were roaming around the mall we saw this advertisement about a photo opp with Santa. As soon as I read the mechanics on how ee can avail the promo I feel ecstatic for the little tot has no decent photo yet with Santa. Oh well, we don’t have a photo with Santa and it will be great and a good photo to treasure when he get older. He can even share the story behind the photo when he gets to have his own child/children in the future.

Anyways, to avail the free photo opp with Santa you just need to present a single receipt worth 500 pesos and present it at the information desk. The little tot and my nephew will get more than a thousand pesos while his cousins will get a thousand pesos each for their clothing/gift budget from the boyfriend so they have a big chance to have a photo with Santa. The only problem is I and my sister knew it will be a long queue as the photo opp is only available during weekend. Sigh!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On Dream House

So do you know what would your dream house look like? It is big? Or enough for the number of kids that you and your partner wants? As for me, if the right time comes that I will have my own place and family. I’d like my dream house build in a wide lot for us to have an ample backyard where the kids can play. Having clawfoot bathtub in our bathroom is a plus.

If money is not a problem there is no doubt that I want a bathtub installed in the bathroom. I am suire it will be good soaking myself in the tub after a very tiring day running house chores and mommy errands.

Monday, December 12, 2011

On Total Lunar Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse happened last Saturday and the total lunar eclipse of 2011- and the last one until April 15, 2014. I almost forgot about it if I didn’t login to my facebook account and saw the shout out from one of my friend, Kenneth. I shall be thanking Kenneth for posting the latest event and happening in his wall, hehehe… As soon as I read his shout out I immediately asked my Mum to check if the moon is visible for it has been raining for the past couple of days and I thought the moon is hiding in the clouds. But luckily the sky was clear that night so I was able to see the moon turned into a reddish ball. Too bad the little tot and my nephew were sleeping that time so they failed to saw it.

I remember the little tot mentioned about witches when he saw the moon few hours before the Lunar eclipse. We were walking on our way home from another barangay with my nephew when the little tot noticed the moon. I am sure he will be happy seeing the moon turning into reddish moon.

Photo not mine

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes behind the Earth so that the Earth blocks the Sun's rays from striking the Moon. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, a lunar eclipse can only occur the night of a full moon. The type and length of an eclipse depend upon the Moon's location relative to its orbital nodes.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sun Is Up..

After raining for more than a week in a row Mr Sunshine is showed up today. I’ve been wishing for the sun since the path way from our house to the main road is already muddy and whenever the little one goes to school I need to carry him to avoid dirt in his socks and shoes. The little one is more or less 30 kilos so imagine how heavy he is. So last week I decided to ask my Mum to bring his lunch in school along with my nephew’s lunch and that save me from carrying the little one again.

I do hope, Mr Sunshine will show up tomorrow as it is our laundry day. It is such a bummer when it’s raining during laundry day. We do have a drier but still we need to hang the clothes outside for I don’t like the smell of the clothes when it is not hang under the sun.

Search For Software Engineer Jobs Online

I was in my final year when I stopped schooling. There are times that I wonder what I am not if ever I manage to finish my course, would I find a job that is related to my course or would I end of a job that is not related to the course like my other classmates. As of this typing I don’t know yet if one of my batch mate tried to apply for a Software Engineer Jobs.

As for me, although I am not working in an eight to five work my work is still related to the course I studied for blogging is a computer related job. Am I right?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy Day For Me & The Little Tot

It’s Mama Mary’s birthday today and since the little one is studying in a catholic school it’s a holiday. I will be helping/assisting him in making the cards for his teachers tomorrow, we need to make four cards. I do hope we can finish it today because I don’t want to hear his complain. Anyways, I am done adgitizing and I don’t have a lot of stuff to do online so might as well set aside my time today for the little tot. I hope to be online later today or tonight, we’ll see.

I also need to message my cousin later today. Yay, it’s will be a busy Thursday for me..

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Busy With Offline Errands

I just don’t know how to start this post. Yay, I do have lots of ideas that popping in my mind to the point that I could not put them in to writings. What a nice excuse for bloggers who are having writers black out like me.

I was not productive yesterday in terms of online errands as I was offline most of the time. I picked up my allowance at the nearest RCPI branch inside the mall near my place. I was with my younger sister who was waiting for her hubby’s sms. While waiting for my BIL’s message we roam around the mall, checked few clothes for her children. Afterwards, we headed to National Bookstore to buy the stuff that I and the little tot needed for the thank you card that we will be making for his teachers coming Friday. I know they are uber late in celebrating teacher’s day since the official World Teacher’s Day celebration was last October. However for some reasons the school opt to celebrate it coming Friday. Oh wel,l as the saying goes, “better late than never”. Right guys? I don’t have any idea as to what kind of card we will be making. I just hope the artistic in me will come out as soon as we start making the cards. Keeping my fingers cross.

I also manage to pay my bills yesterday and bought our groceries. In short, I had a very busy day offline.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Annoying Headache

Duh, just had my monthly visitor a few days ago so I wonder why I have this terrible headache. I’ve been wearing my prescription eyeglasses whenever I am running my online errands so I am quite sure the headache is not because of my eyes. I guess my migraine missed me that she just wants to visit her buddy, haist…

On the lighter note, my younger sister is here with her husband and son. The little one smiled from ear to ear when he saw his Mama Liezel (sister) coming for he know he will have a sumptuous dinner. True enough because my sister prepares shrimp and squid. The little one loves sea foods so no wonder he was smiling big time whenever my sister is here.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Too Shall Pass

Duh! For some reasons I am feeling blue and down. I’ve been like this for quite sometimes now, it’s annoying. But I know just like before I will get over this. I am lucky enough compared to others and I do have more reasons to be happy. I am a Christmas girl so might as well concentrate preparing for the holiday season.

On the lighter note, I was scanning through my photo albums in my personal facebook account when I remember that I haven’t shared any photos during the scouting month celebration of the little tot. I know it’s uber late but I am still sharing it just like I promised, lol.. I promised the little tot before I left him that I am going to visit him early in the morning. FYI, it’s his first experience to sleep at the camp site since the pre-elementary is not allowed to sleep at the camp site. He is so excited to sleep and he kept on asking me to buy him a tent. Good thing my Aunt offered their tent when I told her about the camping. What I like about this tent it that is has a mosquito net outside. The tent may not be appealing outside but as you can see the inside is perfect. But anyway, when I arrived at the camp site around 5 am the little tot was sleeping still while the Ate's and his classmate are already awake. Oh yeah, he is the only thorn among the roses. hahaha..So I was not surprised when the teachers told me that it was only their tent that was silent because they are sounds asleep.

Finally, the Prince is awake and is laughing big time. He is telling me that one of the Ate's were talking while sleeping. No wonder, becuase they have a tiring day playing and preparing their own foods.

Pinoy Henyo is really a well known parlor game these days, even the campers enjoy playing the game. Longest line, see the boy holding his jogging pants? He is actually asking his teacher is he can take it off and he did without a second thought, unlike the little tot that he don't have the courage to take off his jogging pants although I asked him to do it...hahaha...

Indeed they are having fun..right guys?

It's bath time, after the longest line game. The little tot in white brief.. enjoying his bath with fellow pupil..

I am sharing this post to...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Rants

A month ago I decided to stop grabbing opportunities in Microworkers. It is not that I don’t have any tasks to grab but because they stop paying in paypal. It’s my one and only means to received payment but since they are just accepting Alertpay and Moneybookers I could not withdraw my earnings with them. It’s just frustrating to know that I could not get my money in this website in time that I needed it. I do hope they will use paypal again in paying the bloggers the soonest time.

On the lighter note, I am delighted when I got another payment from a DA the other day. It is quite a big amount of money and a good amount to add to my holiday shopping. I hope I will receive another batch of payment from other paying site so I will have enough money for the holiday season. But if not, I shall settle of what I have.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Of December Thoughts

Okay, so Christmas time is really fast approaching, it’s unstoppable. It’s the first day of the joyous month of the year. And I could not let this day pass without blogging about it, lol. The little tot started his countdown few days ago. He is grown up now, so he can already understand a little about Christmas. The other night he was asking me about Christmas, aside from Jesus birth. I told him that Christmas is about gift giving, forgiving and sharing. Oh well, Christmas time is for children and children alike, too, and definitely the most favourite time of the year for almost everybody.

Anyway it has been a day full of blogging chaos for me. Last night I published my first blog post for Pinay Single Mom’s Nook. All went well until I decided to upload a free WP theme. After activated the theme I could not see my blog, what I see is an error message. I tried refreshing the page hoping I could log in anew, but to my horror I cannot even open the login page, all I can see is the same error message. I felt frustrated because I cannot do anything. My knowledge in Wordpress is only basic.

On the lighter note, the site is running now. A big thank to Mommy Ruby for helping me always. I still have a little problem to solve, the Parse Error In the Footer... when I open a certain post.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Share, Weekly Colour Meme

Yesterday, I was scanning my photo folders save in my notebook but I could not find a good photo to share for my first share in Mellow Yellow, Ruby Tuesday, Orange and Pink Friday. Good thing I decided to scan the photos uploaded in my facebook account for I found few perfect photos to share. The photos were taken at the 50th birthday party of a friend last year.

Your's truly with my Mother Dear. Do I look like my Mum?

Me with my Beki's Friends and cousin..with them there is no dull moments..

You may noticed that I am always with this type of people, I choice to be with them over those hypocrites, users and backbiter’s kind of people. With them, they can be tactless and insensitive but at least they will directly tell what they think about you right in front of your face but in a funny way.

Another pose with the niece of the birthday celebrant, the master of the show that night..

How about you what is your share for this week colour meme?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tomorrow Is A Holiday

The little tot is busy for tomorrow. The reason- it’s Bonifacio Day here in my other part of the world tomorrow and it’s a regular holiday meaning he don’t need to wake up early to prepare in going to school and he will have ample of time playing with his uncle and aunt who lives in the neighbourhood.

On the other hand, I am scanning my photo folders searching for photos that I can share in the color weekly meme are that I want to join. I am planning to join this blog this week and hopefully I can do it. Joining weekly meme can surely help boost the blog traffic; it’s not just for the sake of updating, right guys? I know those blogger who are seriously visiting other share will agree on me.

One more thing, I got another task to do from a direct advertiser. I also got the payment for the task I finish yesterday. Wow, this is the reason why I like working with direct advertiser as the payment is quick.. I hope to get another batch of tasks from direct advertisers as I am saving something for next month.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Thoughts

Yay, in few days it will be December. Really time flies so fast that you don’t even noticed the month of November is almost finish.

Indeed Christmas spirit is in the air, already. Do you feel it? As for me, I don’t feel the Christmas spirit just yet. Although I like listening Christmas songs as it lift up my feeling. I do not know what’s on those songs that I always feel happy just listening to them. I guess, it is because Christmas it my most favorite time of the year. It’s almost December yet I haven’t make my shopping list. I know I am kinda late with this as most of you are done or almost done shopping for the holiday season.

On the other hand, as I have mentioned in my previous post that this blog has now a PR of 2. For few weeks I’ve been seriously working to boost my blog traffic and so far I am happy with the result. I want to be active in the blogging world, again, like used to be when I started blogging. So, I am planning to join weekly meme’s. Oh well, I want to try anything that will help y traffic boost, just like before. I do hope I will not be lazy to blog, again.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

We Missed Warching The Game

I and the little one are supposed to watch the football game today but for some reasons I choice not to go. So wonder the little tot is complaining big time while I am typing this post. It’s the first time that his school joined a football tournament so the team is a newbie when it comes to football so I am really hoping they can make it..

On the lighter note, I am glad that Mr Sunshine showed up today. It’s our laundry day today, oh well, its yesterday in fact but because it was raining I opt to move it today.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fixed, Finally..

I have posted in my other blog how frustrated I am when I found out this morning that my other site was hacked and I immediately blog that my other site is hacked. I am glad that I have a very efficient web host that attended the matter few minutes after I sent her a message. Should I hire a non-efficient web host like before I am sure I am left without a choice or worse I end up neglecting that blog like what happened before when my previous host seems not to bothered my complain when my site is always down. I am so thankful to the owner Mom’s Hosting for being so helpful and understanding my short comings.

I admit I only know a little about wordpress that is why it's too hard in part to follow then instruction of Mommy Ruby, lol. Good thing she has a lot of patience. With this, I figured I really need to improve my knowledge in wp more so that I am planning to get another own hosted blog next year.

On the other note, since I was busy fixing the problem in my other site I failed to adgitize this morning. So here I am cramming and keeping my fingers cross that I will manage to drop one hundred blog today to earn a hundred points.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Random Morning Thoughts

I am lazy to go out today because it’s been raining for few days but I don’t have any choice for I need to buy few things for my nephew. He told me the other day that he needs the materiials for thier Christmas lantern making, soon. Since I am going to downtown I might as well grab the opportunity to watch movie. I’ve been wanting to watch the latest movie of the Twilight Saga, yeah, I am one of the millions follower of Twilight.

I know I am currently in a very tight budget since my boyfriend is still on travel. I was actually in financial difficulty few days ago. I spent some extra expense for the fast few days good thing the boyfriend manage to solve it although he is on travel, still. I know I am always over my budget. I am so thankful that my boyfriend has been very understanding to me although there are times that I can be a bitch to him but he knows inside how much I love him.

On the other hand, my cousin left for Cavite a week ago and it’s been almost two weeks since my last manicure and pedicure. While he is not here I am oblige to visit my favorite salon soon. Oh well, I have my own manicure set and I got new six imported nail polish from my Aunt but then I am over lazy to do it myself.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Busy Day!!

Yay, today will be a busy day on my part. I am going to the little one’s school to pay his tuition and I am also going to drop by at the municipal hall. I also need to pay something.

The little one is having thier Unit Test today, all along I thought they will have it next week. Yay, I also thought 24th is next week. Goodness gracious, this only proves that I am not really checking our calendar. I do hope the little one wil do good in his test although we failed to review his subject today.

So I am not sure if I’ll be back until this morning to blog but I am sure I will be here later today.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Have Reasons To Celebrate...

Yay, thanks God times flies so fast. It seems that is was only yesterday when my boyfriend left for the US and before I knew he will be back to his country, Iceland. I not like it much when he is on travel for we can’t talk in a regular basis unlike when he is just at home we can talk three times a day. Yes, you read it guys we chat three times a day so no wonder I miss him terribly when he is on travel.

To make myself busy I am always blogging and facebooking. So for the past few weeks I’ve been working really hard to boost my blog traffic and I succeed. Just recently, I blog about Google Is Updating, Again! I never thought they will get rewarded as soon. In just a matter of two weeks I regain back the pagerank that I’ve lost in this blog. Oh well, I didn’t get its PR3 but I believe in due time I will regain it back. With this, I am inspired to have more time in blogging such as updating my sites and visiting other blogs.

I also blog about On E-check as the payment for a task I did from a direct advertisement. After more than a week of waiting the $75 is finally credited in my paypal account. Woot.. I really hope to get more tasks from a direct advertiser for additional shopping budget this coming holiday season.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In More Than One Month..'s Christmas time, already. How time flies to fast before we knew it we will be welcoming another year.

If you are planning to get rid some of your old belongings in joining a Bazaar, then you should think of a unique approach to get the attention of possible costumers. Thus, getting and putting the products you want to on the proper table can be a big help. Table top displays are surely a good choice where you can out on your products. At you can find wide selection of display table that fits your need and budget.

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Internet Connection Will Be Fix Soon..

I got a call from my internet provider technician this morning. They guy on the phone asked me if my internet connection problem continues and asked me when it started. The guy thinks that there is something wrong with my modem since I started to have this internet problem when a lightning occurred few days ago. I am glad that I manage to finished adgitizing without being disconnected.

I just hope that the technician will arrive before I start talking to the boyfriend. He is still in the United States so we can’t talk regularly.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Missed Adgitizing..

Yesterday we had a power outage from six in the morning until six in the evening. With this I missed my daily one hundred drop for adgitize yesterday. So I was not surprised when I check my score yesterday when I only got ten points. Yay.. Updating my blog and dropping other blogs really helps me to get a higher point.

On the other note, I had a long chat to my boyfriend this morning. I got a call from him at around 1:30 am. Good thing we manage to settle few important issues. I will be going to downtown later today to run few errands in connection with the holiday season.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sad And Happy

We had power outage earlier I guess it because of the bad weather. It was raining hard with thunder and lightning. The reason- I had two undone task that expired. Dang, I should have finished it this morning but then I am busy running errands at home. When I get home from the little one’s school I forgot about it. Anyways, there is not use crying over the spilled milk as what the saying goes. I just hope I will learn my lesson. I should learn my priorities and that is earning online.

On the other note, I am happy of the little one’s report card. He is doing well in school and I am happy with his grades. Hopefully I can convince him to study harder.

Proud Of The Little Tot

As a mother we are always happy and proud of little tot’s achievements may it big or small. They make us happy although they are being naughty. I know mother’s out there will agree to I’ve said.

Some months ago I mentioned that at early age my little tot knows what he wants to be when he grows up. I do not know where he gets his idea of becoming an architect and build a yellow house for me. Yay, he really knows what is my favorite color. But anyways, I am praying that he achieve whatever he wants when he grow up. As a mother I will do my best to give and back his up in all his need.

He is consistent of answering me whenever I ask what he wants to be in the future. So if ever, I would not be surprised if he require to use SMT Stencils in one of his project.

Uber Sleepy...

Good morning guys! The plan of waking after two hours nap to blog didn’t materialize as I was very sleepy and I could not open my eyes even for a second. So here I am blogging my butt early in the morning because I have tasks that is due in few hours. I could not afford to lose my tasks at this point of time since holiday season is fast approaching. I am thankful enough that although my pagerank went down I still have works to do.

Yesterday I was with some gay friends for few hours. I didn’t regret going when my cousin and friend invited me to go for I know I will enjoy being with them. For them there is no dull moment. For those who have set of gay friends I know you will agree of what I’ve said.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Certified Forgetful

Dang! I just mentioned earlier in my other blog that the forgetful in me is striking back again. Another proof is that I almost forgot to adgitize today. I thought I already did it yesterday but because if time difference I need to do it again, today. I guess I really need to write what I need to do and post it in my desktop monitor. I am quite sure I will not miss a thing for I always see it every time I am sitting in front of my netbook. Good thing I still have time to adgitize for I aim to drop every day.

So ciao for now guys, I shall start dropping a hundred blogs. I sure we updating this blog and my other blogs later today as I have few tasks reserve yesterday.

Diabetes Treatment Can Cause Bladder Cancer

Of course we trust our doctor that is why when a certain medicine is prescribed to us we buy and take it without any question. We believe that our doctor knows what is good to our health. But what would you do if the medicine that was prescribed to you by your doctor gives you another ailment instead of treating you? Would seek legal help?

Actos is one drug that has been prescribed by doctors for patients who have diabetes. But recently, it was found out that patients who have been taking this drug are most likely to acquire bladder cancer. Surprising as it is but this is true. So if you think you are one of the victim of this negligence and is searching where you can find actos cancer lawyers that would help you know your right as a victim.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Being Lazy..

Yay, it’s almost ten o’clock in the morning yet I haven’t taken my bath. I am going to run few errands today but I am feeling sluggish. Rainy days means lazy days, right guys? Oh well, I might be lazy running errands at home for I want to stay in my bed but I at least I am not a lazy blogger. I am finally done adgitizing 100 blogs for today. It’s kinda miracle that I didn’t miss a day since I go back adgitizing a week ago.

On the other note, been watching Budoy online since I could not watch it on television. I more want it to watch online because I can watch the complete episode. In fact I am watching two shows online, the Maria la del Barrio and Budoy.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Rainy Monday

Geez..It’s a rainy Monday morning here in my other part of the world. I am just done doing my nails using Maybelline New York nail polish color swift mauve no.317. I also used glittering Maybelline colorless. I really like the color of my nails right now thanks to my cousin who is always doing my nails. I don’t need to visit my favorite salon while he is here. But next week my cousin is going somewhere to run some errands; he will be back next month. While he is away I am quite sure that I am going to visit my favorite salon. Oh well, I kind of miss the lady who always doing my nails. I always give her a smile every time I saw her doing the nails of her clients.

Anyways, I hope the rain will stop pouring soon as I am going to downtown today to run some errands. It makes me lazy going outside when it’s raining because I more want to stay in bed.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Third Bout

Photo not mine

After few months of waiting the time has finally come for the third bout of Manny Pacquiao of the Philippine and Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico.

In their first meeting in2004, Pacquiao and Marquez fought to a draw, though Pac-man scored three knockdowns in the first round. It is in this fight that Pacquiao were called as the People’s Champ as the some people believed Pacman deserved to win. In their second clash in 2008, Pacquiao took a split decision victory but Marquez believed he should be the one to be proclaimed winner after the fight.

Now, is the time for Marquez to prove that he can defeat our very own Pacman. I am a Filipino and I am proud to be one.. Good luck Pacman,….

Saturday, November 12, 2011

On E-check

Does anyone here experience receiving an e-check as payment from advertiser? I do, I’ve been waiting the payment from an advertiser since last week. I thought I will have the payment as soon as I am done with the task but for some reason they cannot sent the payment immediately. In fairness to the advertiser she offered me a tempting offer to use their site. I am still to think whether to grab the opportunity or not.

The long wait has finally ended when I checked my inbox an hour ago. I got an e-mail from the advertiser about the payment. It’s an e-check, my first time ever to receive an e-check as payment. Oh well, it does not really matter as long as the amount is visible in my paypay account although the amount will be credited in my account on the 21st of this month.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Thoughts..

Good morning guys! I slept early last night so I woke up early as well. I immediately login to my facebook account and I was greeted with so many wall post about 11 11 11. I wonder what’s on today’s date aside of course for having six 1’s and it only happen ones. Do the numbers bring luck or bad luck?

Anyways, I am finally done dropping one hundred blog for today. One blog post that grasp my attention is about bad breath.

Photo not mine

From Wikipedia:

Halitosis (bad breath) is a term used to describe noticeably unpleasant odors exhaled in breathing. Halitosis is estimated to be the third most frequent reason for seeking dental aid, following tooth decay and periodontal disease.

I personally knew someone who has stinking breath. It’s really awful considering that she is single and a professional. I wonder how she manage to talk to other people without making them noticed the bad smell that comes out from her mouth every time she talk. Oh well, I am not the only one noticed that she has bad breath for my other friends also told me about this.

How about you? Have you experienced talking to someone with bad breath?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Google Is Updating, Again!

Oh man! The Mighty Google is so active and workaholic for the past few months. A month or two this blog was one of the blogs who loses its pagerank. I didn’t fret as soon as I found it out for I somehow neglect this blog and I’d become a certified procrastinator. An hour ago I found out that my self hosted blog dropped its pagerank, from PR2 to PR1. Oh well, it has actually a PR3 before but for some reasons the Mighty Google made it PR2. This is just a proof that life of a blogger is not certain.

Anyways, I am going to downtown with my cousin and friend. It will be a busy day for me and a tiring day for sure.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Package Arrived

After three days of waiting, the Air21 package containing my recent purchased has finally arrived yesterday morning. I was uber excited as it was my first purchased of bag online for I usually purchased Victoria Secret. Though it was my first time to purchase a bag I did not regret it because the bag really looks like on what I saw on the photos posted on the sellers facebook account. I hope I can post few photos of it the soonest.

On the other note, I am back adigitizing for three days now. I hope to continue doing it so I could accumulate their minimum pay-out rate. I am just a publisher so my earning is very slow. I am considering on advertising for a month to see it will help boost my blog traffic. But it won’t happen this year hopefully early next year. Well, see….

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Recent Purchased

I am really a certified compulsive shopper. The other day, I was with my friend Iris. I don’t have any plan of buying something for myself as I am in a tight budget. But as we roam around the nearest mall I saw some discounted clothes so without any ado I immediately grab two items without thinking of my budget.

Before I left the house and met my friend I also closed a deal with a friend online who is selling some stuff, while browsing her photos I saw a yellow bag and I could not stop myself from reserving it as it is my favorite color aside of course that I like the style. While I was with my friend we were exchanging sms. Good thing Marie sent the items although I haven’t paid her yet as I was not at home during that time. But I promise her that I will send the payment as soon as I go home.

But anyways, here is the photos of the bag I purchased online. What do you think guys?

This is for me, I am a certified yellow lover..
For my nanay...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Short Update

Yay, if I didn’t check this blog today I would not noticed that I have been neglecting this blog for almost a week now. I am actually online many times a day but because of I am busy running other errands I failed to update this poor blog. I am (again) hooked playing Cityville and Framville which eat my time when I am online. Anyways, I don’t have any exciting story to share as of this typing and I need to prepare going to nearest mall to pick up my allowance and buy few important stuffs.

On the lighter note, our Christmas tree is up, already. I am going to share few photos of our tree later today.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Got Another Pierce

There are lots of happenings for the past few weeks that I haven’t shared yet in any of my blog. Today I feel like sharing it to my readers.

For many years I’ve wanted to pierce my left ear but because I am afraid of the needle I always end up delaying and backing up in the last minute when I am to get the pierce. Last Sunday while I and my cousin were roaming around the downtown I ask my cousin if he wants to have another ear piercing. Luckily he answered without hesitation so we directly find the stall that sells earing and offer free piercing. My cousin was the first to have the ear piercing. I salute him for he wasn’t afraid of the needle unlike me.

Me in yellow shirt too bad my cousin didn't capture how I look..

Come my turn, I need to ask the lady to give me few minutes to condition myself. I was really afraid and nervous at the same time. I even asked the lady if it okay to shout since we were near the entrance of one of the department store in town. To make the story short I successfully got another pierce after 10 minutes of preparing myself..hehehehe..I was so proud of myself after.

Success, I finally got my third pierce and definately the last pierce I'll have. The first choice were to use my birth stone but because it was not available I ask the sales attendant if the pearl is available and again it was not. My last option were to use the birth stone of my cousin who celebrated his birthday last October 10, so that is the reason behind the opal birthstone earing.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Metal Hose And Etc..

Often time I am astounded of what I found online. Just recently, I was surfing randomly when I came across this website called The website offer hydraulic power units, pipe systems, tube bending, flexible metal hose and other equipment for transportation, construction and mining, steel mill. This company has been in the business for many years now so you can be sure that you are getting good quality merchandises.

On Receipt Printing

There is no doubt that starting a business such as grocery store is not an easy as I 2 3. You’ve to consider a lot of important things to be successful. You also need to know the pros and cons of running a grocery business. Getting a receipt printer is only one of the essential that you need to have to avoid consuming your time writing every item that the customers purchase in the receipt.

I figured, issuing an official receipt is very important to avoid problem in paying the monthly and quarterly tax.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just A Short Update

Being a mother is a daunting job especially if you’re a single mother like I am but it is one of the high paying job that anyone can get. But of course you will never know what I am saying unless you will become a mother. For few days, I have been uber busy playing the rule of a mother, a very protective mother in fact.

Yesterday was the first day of the 2 days 8th Foundation Day celebration of SNTLSBEI, the school where the little one is enrolled. Mr Sunshine seems enjoying and celebrated with the faculty and staff, pupils, parents and visitors for it was in full force all day, so no wonder I had headache when we get home. Nonetheless, ‘twas a day full of fun for everybody. I do have a lot of stuff to do online and offline but because I want to be with the little one in everything that he does I opt to be with him. I know the little one is very happy when I am with him. He is growing so fast so I shall take this opportunity to be with him. Time flies so fast and before I know it he will ask me not to come with him in attending school activities like this.

Anyways, I don’t have much time to blab this time as I need to get ready going to the town plaza..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Physician's Social Networking

Who would not want to enjoy the advancement of technology these days? Of course we all want to experience and enjoy it. I know some of us are even astonish how it could help us in a daily basis. Amazing as it is, but we should not take it for granted that the current technology that we are seizing doesn’t always offer advantages for it also has some glitches or even used by thefts to get personal information. We should always be caution specially when joining social networking.

Talking about social networking, have you heard of It’s a private social networking for physicians in the United States. Being a member of such network permits the members to reconnect to their long lost friends, exchange notes and information about their respective jobs. One would undergo a three steps credential check when joining which only means that all members are not just playing around. So no wonder John Mensah MD joined this social networking.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Which Is Which...

Yay, I mentioned in my other blog that I want to scrap again. I just missed this thing so much that I won’t let this day pass without scrapping. Yes, you read it right guys. That is why un-installed Photoshop CS2 becasue I don't know how to use it, I could not find a good toturial either. After installing Photoimpact X3 I found out that I cannot use it as it needs a higher resolution. As you all know I am just using a netbook and the higher screen resolution available is 1024x600. I need to have a screen resolution of 1024x764 for me to use Photoimpact X3, such a bummer...

I am currently downloading Photoshop Elements as found a toturial that is very helpful. I hope I will settle for this. Now, I am really missing my desktop. Hopefully I could make use of my desktop again…

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Safety First

Have you tried counting how many motorists are driving without a helmet in one day? I am quite sure you will see a hundreds of motorist driving without safeguarding their self to any accident that may happen while driving. We cannot deny the fact that safety precaution is often times neglected. I admit my cousins are one of those who are driving a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. I guess it’s high time I suggest them to get their own helmet, perhaps a shoei helmets well do.
I just hope that they will listen to my suggestion this time because I’ve been advising them to wear helmet when driving a motorcycle but they don’t listen to me.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

GPS Trucking Device

The hubby of my younger sister is a driver. Currently he is connected to a trucking company for almost a year now. When I saw the garmin truck gps at The Source I wonder if the truck that my brother in law is driving has it. It would be great for the company if they have this device installed in their trucks as it will make their business run smoothly.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Drolling Over Discounted Items

Yesterday I was at the mall near my place not to shop though but to change the denims and t-shirt that the little one got the other day. The denim was fit enough for the little one and I am afraid he can’t wear it after few months. The t-shirt was just small for him. But then the Uncle who was with him that time has no child yet so I understand him and I know the little one doesn’t really like fitting the clothes and taking off his clothes at the mall or department store. So I wonder if he fits the clothes before his Uncle paid it.

Anyway, since changing the items at the mall doesn’t take so much of my time I decided to window shop of what I need to buy coming December. I also found out that the mall is having a huge sale today and in the next two days. But because I don’t have extra budget for shopping I just let my eyes droll over those dresses, jeans, blouses and bags that I love to have. I am not rich and I have other priorities than shopping for myself. I know I can’t have them all so I shall let my eyes enjoy watching over those on sale products that I like.

Because Of Internet...

We can deny the fact that internet technology has affected our day to day routine. Who would have thought that I will be hooked using the internet every day. Oh well, not me, for I never imagine that I will be one of the million internet users around the world. I use it as soon as I open my eyes in the morning to check my e-mails, update my family and friends through social networking, share my thoughts in my blogs and most of all I use it as my way of communicating to my boyfriend who is living at the other end of the world. As for business owners internet technology is their perfect partner to maintain the flame of their business and be on top among other business competitors.

One great offer that internet technology bestowed to us is that we can find everything we need from the comfort of our home or office. Just like when you are in a lookout for printing services. There is no doubt that you can find a lot of website that offer the same services but only few of them offer best services. Just recently, I happened to came across this website called, an online company that offer offset printing services for brochure, business cards, booklets, flyers, letter head and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the site now and avail of their free shipping promo.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Yay, it few minutes passed nine o’clock in the morning yet I am already sleepy. No wonder because I slept late last night and I woke up early this morning as I need to finish something for the little one. So as much as I want to stay long online and watch the movie I’ve downloaded the other day I could not simply do it as I need to rest my sleepy eyes.

Yesterday I missed joining the Mellow Yellow I found it out few minutes ago. I hope I can join next week. But now, I shall take a nap and finish my undone tasks later.

Monetary Gifts

Have you experience attending wedding and giving monetary gifts instead of the usual gift like kitchen ware and home alliances? Sounds unpleasant, isn’t it? But do you know that there are unique approach how to ask monetary gifts that you would not offend you guest? That is what wishing well hire do, they help their client’s wishes to make it into reality without hurting their guest feeling.

So if you are planning to exchange I do’s soon and would choice monetary gifts I advise you to check out this website.

Cousin's Birthday

Darn! It’s a rainy morning here in my other part of the World. I wake up early today as I have to finish an important matter offline. Yesterday was my cousin’s birthday. He prepared some foods as usual I have fun chitchatting to his gay friends. It is really nice chatting with them as they are good in making jokes. As for my dear cousin, belated Happy Birthday may you have many more birthdays and blessings to come. Get well soon Cousin…

Monday, October 10, 2011

On Getting Broadband Dongle

It is not a secret that internet technology is becoming a part of our lives. It is used as a means of communication, shopping, paying bills, marketing and etc. As for me, internet technology is my means of communicating to my boyfriend who is living in another country. For four years I have been using my current internet provider and so far I haven’t had any problem with it. However because of constant power interruption in my place I am considering on getting broadband dongle so I can still communicate to my boyfriend and friends using another internet connection.

I should start looking for the best broadband provider available in my place.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Once Upon A Busy Weekend...

Beware photo loaded... As you all know last week was a busy week for the little one and so for the Mama trying to make sure everything is well. In deed last week was one hell of a busy week for the little one but an enjoyable week for him I may say.

I will be sharing some photos below taken from the activities that the little one attended…

Yay, for some reason I could not upload photos as of this moment. I will try uploading the photos later…. Finally here are the photos I've promised this morning..The Grade-I pupils trying to carry the Albino Burmese Python.
Taken during the Math and Science exhibit with Lolong Jr. At Butterfly Garden with Ate Syrah Striking a pose with his classmate at Rafael's Farm, the last place to visit. Us, taken at the Butterfly Garden. Playing the pool fountain at San Juanico Golf Course right after eating his lunch. The camping experience won't be complete without setting up the tent.

A pose right after the Investiture ceremony, he is finally a certified boy scout

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Auction Site

I read somewhere that shopping is a stress reliever for women like me. I guess this saying is true but this is only applicable to those who have the money to spend. For those who don’t have a tight budget like me window shopping is our stress reliever, lol.

With the recent economy problem I am certainly sure that there are people out there who are starting to cost cutting on shopping. So no wonder auction site is one of the must to visit site for shopper and reviews is also one of the visited site where you can bid for a certain product that you like.

Perfect Gift..

Duh! I was about to go take a nap when I stumble upon this site called Reeds Jewelers. If you are looking for a perfect present to your love ones this coming holiday season then this online store is the perfect place to visit as it offers various kinds of jewelry for men and women. Whether you want an earrings, ring, bracelets, charms or michael kors watch, you will surely find something that suits your taste and budget.

Should you know more about the online store? Visit for more information.


The little one has been sleeping since we arrived from the camping site this afternoon. I wake him up an hour ago so he can eat his dinner and take a shower. I thought he won’t go back to sleep after taking his shower but I was wrong because he immediately close his eyes as soon as his back touches the bed. There is no doubt that he is really exhausted of the two days scout activities.

Oh well, what matter is he enjoyed staying at the camp site and more so the overnight stay at the camping site is worth remembering. Last year, he wants to slept at the camping site but because the pre-elementary is not allowed to stay overnight.

On Invitations

There is no doubt that preparing a church wedding is not easy as you may think it is. It needs a lot of preparation and practice to have a perfect wedding and of course the budget is on the top of the list.

If you are currently preparing for the big day and noticed that the wedding entourage seems to look exhausted then perhaps you can surprised them by giving away Rehearsal Dinner Invitations a day before the big day. At you can find affordable and ample choices of party invitations.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Golf Lesson Online

Have you tried hitting a golf ball? I did before and it’s a funny experience for me because I didn’t hit the ball after many times of trying. Oh well, the problem is I also don’t know how to swing my body properly when hitting the ball so I guess that is one of the reason why I could not smack the ball.

Anyways, if you have passion in golf but you don’t know who can teach you then perhaps you might want to start it by watching golf swing video online. You can also visit It offer free golf lessons for beginners.

The Outdated Is Finally Updated

Oh boy! It seems that I am procrastinating again. It’s been ages since my last post for this blog which mean Celebrate Life has been outdated. My bad, I allow my laziness to triumph in the battle every day, whether to blog or not to blog. The boyfriend told to sleep immediately as soon as we stopped talking but here I am updating this poor bloggie.

I am sure I will not have enough time to update any of my blog next week for I will be uber busy assisting the little one. Early next week is their Math and Science month, like last year they will have an exhibit of different kinds of animals. And as part of the Math and Science month celebration they will also have an educational tour. The little one is excited about the trip but he is more excited sleeping in the camping site. The kids will be given a one day rest and then come the scouting month on September 30 to October 1. See how busy our schedule is? So please bear with me guys if I will not be visible next week.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

On Cosmetology School

I used to visit my favorite salon twice a month for my regular manicure and pedicure. But that was before, now that my cousin is here I don’t need to visit my favorite salon anymore. Aside from doing my nails he straighten my hair and because I wanted a new hair style he advise me to put coloring. I am meticulous when it comes to my nails and hair but I trust my cousin although he didn’t finish cosmetology course in any Cosmetology school near our place.

Talking about cosmetology school, if you are considering on taking cosmetology I urge you to check out Beauty Regency. It’s the fastest and growing beauty school in the United States these days and continue to expand. All the graduate from this institution has a bright future for they provide high-quality, discounted salon services to the public under expert faculty supervision.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 7100 Northland Circle, Suite 312 – Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

Monday, September 12, 2011

Gladly My SIL Found It...

Almost four hours ago, I was about to take my shower when I noticed the earring in my left ear is missing. I could not speak a word for the earring I am wearing is quite expensive and I bought it three years ago from my blogging money. In fact it’s the first expensive thing I bought for myself from my earning online since most of my earning it used in improving our home.

My cousin, aunt and sister-in-law helped me to look for my lost earring. After half an hour of searching, my sister-in-law found the luck at the doorstep of my aunt’s house where I was seated for few minutes. We thoroughly searched the area thinking that we will find the earring there but to no avail. We were at the edge of giving up when my sister-in-law found the lost earring at the kitchen. Yay, I was starting to condition myself that I am going to lose my first investment from my earning online when we found it. Thanks goodness… another good reason to celebrate.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy Wednesday

I was at downtown earlier today with my cousin to buy the gift for my nephew which will celebrate his first birthday tomorrow. I ordered the birthday cake in one of the recognize bakeshop that my friend referred to me few weeks ago. It’s is my first time to buy a cake in this bakeshop but I trust my friends taste so I am sure the cake taste great. It will be a simple birthday celebration, no hired clowns, no face painting, and no program. I am not even sure if my sister prepared some games for the kids.

Aside for buying gift for nephew I also buy something for myself. It was out of the budget but I didn’t hear any complain from the boyfriend. Thanks for pampering me always although I know I sometimes do not deserve it :D Before hitting the publish button, allow me to greet Mama Mary a Happy Birthday. I thank you for all the blessing and guidance you’ve bestowed to me and my family.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Busy Weekend

How is your weekend so far? As for me, I am kinda busy working on my online backlog since I was not able to blog for two days. I have some idle tasks in my LL dashboard before I lost my internet connection but because I am good in procrastinating I almost lost then again. Good thing, I was in the mood to blog this morning and seeing $$$ in my dashboard made my day. I do hope I will start receiving the payment this month since it’s more than three months from my last payment from them.

Oh, so much my blabbing I shall publish this post now. I might run out of words to day on my next post.

A EuropeTours

As I have mentioned in my previous post that I am currently enjoying the extended weekend. As you all know I am a stay at home mom and a blogger who do her utmost o finish everything on time but sad to say there are times that I could not do it and I regret for procrastinating a lot when I should be working online. If money is not a problem I will surely take a short break away from home with the little one. An out of town trip is enough since I could not afford to pay for a europe tours or any of the alaska tours that offered.

For those who have money to spend for a lavish vacation then perhaps you should pick ireland tours. There are lots of things to do while you are in Ireland, for nature lover you can enjoy cruising along their magnificent lakes surrounded by forest or hike in one of their beautiful mountains. Ireland foods and drinks are also worth trying and of course shopping at one of the high end boutiques.

So what are you waiting for, plan your next travel destination now. You know the secret of a hassle free and memorable vacation is planning your trip ahead of time. You can also save some bucks when you book your flight early. You can also visit travel website online for travel destinations, tips and ideas.

As for me, I shall settle on going to downtown and treat the little one. I am not rich yet to pay for an outside of the country or out of town vacation with my family. I just wish that someday my dream of treating my family to a summer getaway will come into a reality. If this happens, I will be the happiest daughter, sister, aunt and mom in the whole world.

Executive Book Summaries Online

There is no doubt that the advancement of high technology these days made impossible to possible. Paying bills, shopping, searching for family and friends whom you lost contact for long time are only few things that can be done in our respective home with the help of internet technology. Researching of various topics is also made simpler and made possible to everybody because of high technology. Gone were the days when one would read many books before he/she can get enough information for a certain topic.

So if you are business owner or planning to put up your own business in the future then is the perfect website for you, it's the largest online library for business. You don't need to read many books before you can get the executive book summaries that you need for your business or the business you are planning because executive book summaries is now available online. All you need to do is visit the previous link I have provided above and you are one step ahead in getting the information you need.

See how internet technology made our daily work hassle free? With this, we should be thankful to the people who have work hard for us to enjoy searching executive book summaries online.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Back To Online World

I was not able to blog yesterday and earlier today because of connection problem. Good thing I got it back today. I thank the technicians of my internet provider for they come early today to fix my internet connection. Oh well, I really don’t have any complain when it comes to customer service of Bayan DSL.

Since I missed blogging yesterday and early today I have a lot of online tasks in queue. I hope I can finish some of my tasks tomorrow. I am not sure I can blog long today because the migraine remembers to visit me today after almost two months of absence.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Take care of business with Retail POS Systems

Guess Post by Mike Sims

February is the busiest month for florists especially on Valentine’s Day. On this day many people rush to their neighborhood flower shop to buy roses for their loved ones. Many customers will order ahead of time because they know red roses are a hot seller during Valentine’s Day. Retail POS Systems make order processing a breeze with the ability to track all transactions including inventory levels. By always keeping track of your inventory, you will never run out popular items. Florists interested to streamline business operations should invest into a Florist POS System. Finding the right Point of Sale System is important for the success of your flower shop. There are many POS Software choices out in the market today. The best way to know if the software will work for your needs is to ask the POS vendor to provide a demonstration of the software right for your business.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Designer Inspired Jewelry

There is no doubt that you can always relay on internet technology whenever you need to search for something, may it a person, a home to stay, clothing, toy and much more. Just recently I stumbled upon this site called It's an online store that offer wide selection of designer Inspired jewelry. The site is a good place to head on if you are in a lookout on where to get fashion jewelries for your daughter's program in school or other event that needs fashion jewelries.

I have been using the internet for almost half of my life and I am still surprised every time I find what I am searching because I always find more than I expect. Who would have thought that searching for designer Inspired jewelry is easy to find this days? In just a matter of few clicks you will surely find wide array of discount fashion jewelry without hurting your pocket that usually comes with it when you buy good quality yet elegant fashion jewelries.

Oh, I remember my cousin, Raymond, he is a member of third sex. I wonder if he want to buy fashion jewelries since he loves to look fashionable and chic.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Early To Bed

Darn! I thought I can stay longer online today but it seems that I can’t. I have a little headache now, I guess it’s because of my monthly visitor. Well, I am done with the tasks that I need to do over the weekend so I will just go to bed early and rest my pretty head.

Anyway, my country will be having a long weekend break the little one is loving it as well as my nephew.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Car Needs

These days owning a car is not a luxury anymore it is more than a necessity more so if your job require you to travel most of the time.

If money is not a question I would love to have my own car. I don’t know how to drive but my brothers and cousin’s knows how to, so it is easy for me to learn how to drive. If ever, know where I can get good quality of subaru mats yet affordable. At you one can find wide selection of car accessories and other car needs.

Trouble In Losing Weight?

I know I am not alone who have problem on how to successfully shed off unwanted fats. For few years I have been trying to lose weight but to no avail. Yeah, I lost few pound after a skipping my meals but I will surely gain it back after a month or so of not watching my food intake. At one point I was tempted to take diet pill but I was not tempted because I am scared of the bad effect. I shall read diet pill reviews if ever I consider diet pill as a way of losing weight.

Good thing I found this site that features the best diet pills in the market today.

Friday, August 26, 2011

On Online Tasks

Duh! I have some undone tasks that I need to work on. I’ve been uber lazy these past couple of days. I glad that I manage to submit some of my tasks from LL yesterday before I lost them in my dashboard. I always try my best to finish them all before the due date but I always failed. I am just lucky because blessing coming from this site continue to pour. I also have some tasks to do coming from my favorite site, hope to finish them all over the weekend.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

On Discount Supplements

dependent to him. He always said as his better half (in the future) he should provide my needs financially. See, how lucky I am to have found such a wonderful boyfriend? I don't normally brag about it because for me it should be between us and my family. As time goes by, I noticed that my boyfriend would ask me to go straight to bed and will stop me to blog. He is very concern when it comes to my health so whenever he got a chance to control me he will do that without any ado.

Oh well, I am pretty sure we all want to be healthy. Who doesn’t want to be healthy anyway? For us to work accurately and well we should not neglect our health. There lots of ways to stay healthy, getting enough sleep is one of those but sadly I seldom get enough sleep since I start earning money online. I always aim to earn more each month.

When I start blogging, the first thing that I missed is getting enough sleep. I seldom happen that I get enough sleep that is why I am sometimes in a lookout when where to get discount supplements that helps boost my immune system. Good thing I found this online pharmacy which offer vitamins, mineral, herbs and health supplements. It is in this site where I first read about Douglas Labs and factor 60. I am kinda curious about this stuff so I might google what it is later.

On Intercom And Other Security Gadget

There are lots of important things to consider when we dream of having a house we can call our own. It is not all about making our home convenient and comfortable to live in. Ensuring that our home is secured from all the burglar should also be taken cared. Oh well, there actually a lot of ways how we can furnish our own home and installing gadgets such as wireless driveway alarm and wireless intercom system are among the aspect that homeowner should consider having.

Lately, I found this website called It is a perfect place to visit for various gadgets such as intercom systems, video intercoms, wireless doorbells, motion activated products, programmable thermostats, wireless home media devices, driveway alarms, security camera systems, intercom system, backup cameras, light therapy products, cell phone products, mailbox alert, swing gate openers, biometric entry, solar powered outdoor accent lighting, light therapy products, sunrise alarm clock, pet gadgets, click and pour wine stoppers, blood pressure monitors, ionic air purifiers, remote car starter, and many more.

What makes this site different from other online store, is that each product contain detailed and reviews from those who buy and used the products. Although the site offered ample of products the site is clean and easy to browse.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's My Sister's Turn

My younger sister is here today with my cousin. It is her turn to have a hair make-over courtesy of my cousin Momon. Now, she is bugging me to do her manicure and pedicure while my cousin is doing her hair. What a lucky sister. Oh well, I will not be babbling too much here because my sister is already here.

Ciao for now!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Order Check At

Who would have thoughts that the advancement of today's technology will make all things possible from our own comfort zone? Many years ago, you need to go somewhere or travel for many hours just to buy the stuff that you needed to buy, but then that was a decade ago, like what I've said earlier. One great example how high technology changed our lives is you can order checks online. The good thing about buying your needed check online is that you will have ample of choices. Of course there are lots of websites available on the net where you can order checks of your choice but there is one site that is worth visiting and that is called It's your one stop shop for business checks, personal checks and other type of checks at a reasonable cost.

So guys, if you are tired of using the same old boring bank checks over and over, then, perhaps it the right time you get a personalized check that best describe you, perhaps a check that has a photo of your favorite sports. I don't have checking account of this moment but I found out few months ago that checking account is a must to important more especially if you are planning to rent a house in the future because check payment is commonly use as a mood of payment when renting a house.

A Morning Babbling..

Gracious, I have so many undone tasks that need my attention. Last night I manage to finish two tasks before heading to bed and post it in my blogs when I woke up today and I really hope that I will be in the blogging mood for the rest of the day. I need to finish the head-file task I have in my dashboard right now before they vanish (again) in my dashboard.

On the lighter note, you maybe be wondering what I have been up to for the past couple of weeks and days. I actually have a lot of exciting stories to share that happened to me recently but all of a sudden it scattered in the air and I don’t know where to start. I am quite sure that my fellow bloggers can relate to this.

But anyways, to start with my exciting stories, here is my latest photo taken yesterday.Sorry for the photo quality,I only used my phone camera to take this picture.

Can you notice my new hair? Yeah, I could not help but brag about it. It’s been a decade since the I posted on my FB wall that I want a new hair style but, because I know how long it will take me to wait until the hair makeover that I want for my hair I am having a second thought whether to go for it or wait for my cousin Momon to arrived and let him do what I want for my hair. Finally that time comes, few days ago. I have my hair rebonded and colored it with mahogany brown, it’s my first time to wear hair coloring and man, I loving it to pieces.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cellular Signal

There is no doubt that mobile phone is one of the commonly used in communication. However there are times that you could not use it because of poor signal. We all know that there are some places that have signal problem and there is no other way to get a signal than getting cellular booster antenna. I am just lucky because I am living near the city and phone signal is visible.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Actos Lawsuit

How would you react when a medicine that tend to help you feel better actually worsen your illness? Would you seek legal advice? Well if you believe that you’ve been a victim then there is no reason why you should not fight for your right.

Just recently it was found out that Actos, an oral medicine given to diabetic patient can be a reason of heart attack, heart failure and increased risk of bladder cancer. So if you or you know someone who is taking this medicine perhaps you can tell them to under a series of test to find out if they need to file for an Actos lawsuit.

Blogging Instead Of Sleeping

I should be in my bed right now but I remember I still have one undone tasks that will expire early morning tomorrow. Since I get up very early this morning I don’t think I can do it again tomorrow so here I am blogging instead of sleeping. Anyways, this won’t take long as I only need to finish one task.

Party Goer

The little one has been attending birthday celebration this month. Just this month, he has attended two birthday parties and another two parties early next month. At an early age he is starting to be sociable. I am glad that at a young age he is starting to celebrate life in his own little ways and that is attending parties..hehehehe…

On the other hand, I am glad that I manage to finish some of my undone tasks before they vanish in my dashboard earlier today. However, I still lost eight tasks. I hope I will have them back in my dashboard again, soon.

We Enjoyed Eating Pop corn

I should be preparing this time. I need to go downtown to run few important errands. But because I still have some undone tasks to work on I am still here sitting infront of my notebook. I am hoping to finish few of them before they fade away in my dashboard?. This what I get for neglecting them for the past few days, oh well, at least I have valid reason this time- I've been busy preparing for the fiesta lol.

Talking about our town fiesta, I haven't visited the town plaza for few days now. The last time I was there was last Saturday with my sister family and the little one to watch the fireworks display. But because the clouds starting to show up we decided to go home before the fireworks display begins. At least the kids and the kid-ish :-) enjoyed eating popcorn. There are actually lots of popcorn machine around the town plaza but because there are lots of people waiting for the invited celebrities and fireworks display to start we decided to buy the pop corn in the popcorn stand near where we are standing. I don't know yet if the popcorn stands and other install are still around the town plaza since it's been few days after the fiesta.

Ask Professional Help

Of course when we are sick the first thing that cross in our mind is to see a doctor. Medicines, also pop in our mind but this is only appropriate if you are not really sick. For me, seeing a doctor should always come first before taking medicines for security reasons. But what would you do if after taking the medicine that is prescribes by your doctor tend to worsen your illness? Would you hire and seek professional help from any of the Austin personal injury attorney? Oh well, if I am to ask, I will surely seek their help. So if you think you are a victim of any accident it’s never too late to ask help.

You can check this out, O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949.

Wild Heart

Your Heart is Wild
You tend to fall in and out of love quite often. Love tends to be a capricious thing for you. You are passionate and romantic. When you meet the right person, you just know. You enjoy excitement, change, and even chaos. No one would ever accuse you of being boring. You may be a heartbreaker, but you couldn't imagine living any other way. You always listen to your heart.

Good Morning

Good morning folks! You may wonder why I am already wide awake this time. It’s just few minutes passed five o’clock in the morning here is my other part of the world yet I am already here sitting in front of my notebook. The reason is that I have few tasks that are due this morning, in fact they are due in two hours. I always tell myself to finish my tasks as soon as I get them so I won’t be cramming like this. I only hope I can finish them before I lost them, keeping my fingers cross.

On Auditions & Casting Calls

In times of crisis we often think of getting another job just to cover our mounting expenses. But unfortunately, finding sideline job or even a regular job is difficult these days. With the economic conditions that continue to fall searching for a job has become a challenge to everyone. If you got the looks, talent and acting ability that can compare to your favorite actress or actor then you can try your luck in going to some auditions. As we all know, going to auditions is one of the stepping stone to be a movie star, singer, model or any hosting jobs.

Joining reality shows is another means of entering the showbiz industry. That is why millions of people are crazy over casting call and free casting call whenever they heard of auditions going on. Some are lucky to be chosen but others are not. Oh well, failure is always associated with success so we should not stop dreaming although we failed most of the time. If you're not lucky this time then perhaps you should look for another means on how you can start following your dream. One can start it by having a profile page at You will have better chances of getting a project since your profile can be viewed by plenty of possible clients.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Laser Hair Removal Maryland And Etc

The other night I had a chance watching one of the highlight shows of the nightly cultural presentation presented in our public plaza. It's the Miss Teen Tanauan 2011 each candidate exude exceptional beauty, brain and talent. But like any other competition only one contestant should bring home the crown and the title and it is contestant Number 3 who has what it takes to be a beauty queen. She has the beauty and the brain to bring home the crown. For me, all the candidates are winners for it is not easy to be on stage in front of thousands of spectators coming from different places.

There is no doubt that maintaining the kind of beauty that the contestant have is not easy. I even wonder if one of them undergoes hair removal like the Laser hair removal Maryland because I did not noticed any unwanted hair or maybe I didn't noticed because I am sitting far from the stage. Anyways, if you are searching for a trusted beauty institute that can help you professionally with your beauty problem the right place to visit is Cultura. I have been hearing news and a lot of good feedbacks about them. They offer services like removal of acne scars, skin rejuvenation Botox DC, Botox Maryland and other services.

Happy Weekend

It’s weekend once again. Do you have any plan for this weekend? As for me, it will be an uber busy for I have to finish some of my undone tasks that are due today I don’t want to lose them like what happened last Wednesday when I lose some of the tasks assigned to me last weekend. I also need to run some offline errands. Tonight I will bring the little one and my nephew to the town plaza like I promised to them, they want to watch the fireworks display.

Friday, August 12, 2011

On Concrete Polishing

Planning to redo your flooring? Gone are the days where you need to wait for few days before you could start changing your old tiles. These days you do not need to wait for long to start your plan of changing your tiles for there are high tech machines that are invented that could handle and make the job easier. So if you in a construction business getting this innovation are a plus. However, do you have any idea where you can actually buy those high-tech machines?

Well, you can actually get it at one can get the best I-shine that anyone can have. This advance concrete polishing system will surely help you achieves good quality flooring and professional result. Moreover you can finish your work on time or ahead of time. So if you are in a look out on where to find good quality and yet affordable tile removal and other machineries used in concrete polishing job you know where to go. For those who are searching for floor grinder you can also find it in this site.

I remember when I decided to fix our flooring more than a year ago my brother need to remove the old flooring for two days, if they have the floor grinder then I am sure my brother would finish it in a day.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On Luxury Beddings

Woot, I really had a good night sleep last night. In my whole life I never thought that listening to the snore of someone's dear to me is like listening to my favorite songs and I could not imagine sleeping with someone who shore like a helicopter before but I survive and I eventually get used to it. A huggable son and his snore always made my night complete for few years now and I always look forward to it. I also know that there are other reasons to have a good night sleep aside from having a huggable son to hug and listening to the snore.

I often imagine how it is to sleep in a bedroom with luxury bedding. I haven't experience checking-in in one of the luxury hotels yet and I look forward to it. I am quite sure it will be a good experience. However, if you have the money to spend for a luxury beddings you can easily experience it from the comfort of your own bedroom. All you have to do it visit, in this site you will find wide range selection of fine linen and beddings in the world.

Anyway, luxury doesn't need to be expensive. If you can't afford it then settle of what you afford and what you have. Just like me, a huggable son and snore is more than enough for me to have a good night sleep.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Plentiful Blessings

My gash! Few minutes passed eight o’clock in the morning yet I am already sleepy. My eyes are getting heavy. I guess I am going to go back to sleep after am done talking to the boyfriend. I will also try to blog while waiting for him to come online.

Geezz, I have plenty of tasks to do in the next couple of days. I am really blessed; although I haven’t receiving tasks from other paying sites online blessings continue to pour. I am always motivated to work on my tasks whenever I see the amount I will be receiving in my paypal account this month and next month. Would you believe I already have almost $400 in this site alone? Well that is my earning for almost 2 months, so wonder.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Message Flags And Other Promotion Flags

Do you have a business? Or maybe you or someone you know will be hosting a very important event that needs promotion and advertising. If so, do you have any idea how you are going to promote the event you are organizing or what will you do to make your business known to possible clients. Of course there are some effective ways to promote an event and business. But one effective way to market a business is through flags and banner. As we all know flags are one of the most commonly use paraphernalia's in marketing, whether it is for business or personal purposes. At you can wide range of flags to choice from.

If you want to place your promotion in an open areas like beaches and parks then perhaps you should choice the feather flags. However if you want you to add personal message to the flag as your way of getting the people's attention then the message flags is the perfect choice. For car dealers or any car business an automotive flags is surely a knock out. Shall you need more information about different kinds of flags? Then don't hesitate to visit any link above. I am quite sure you will find what you are looking for.