Monday, February 28, 2011

School Equipment

A relative is running a private school. As of now, the school is located on the first floor of the building where they live. But they are starting to build a new school building near the current location. I think they are planning to move to the new location few years from now. If this happen this will surely need new school equipment since the one they are using now is kind of old and I saw some broken parts.
Surely the kids will enjoy using the new school equipment. I wonder if the little one could still use them.

Birthday Celebration

In few days, my ever dearest mother will celebrate her 56th birthday. How I wish my paypal money is sufficient to host a small celebration to surprise her. I know she deserve it as she has been a good mother to us, she is the one who provided all our needs since my father left us. On the other, I know that party is not really important as long as my mother is in great shape then I could not ask for me. I just wish she will live long so she could enjoy playing with her grandkids. Oh well, it is not only my mother who will turn one year older early next month because yours truly will turn 32, few days after my mother’s birthday, yay.. I am getting old.. Indeed a double birthday celebration is really great but, then we all know that hosting a party needs some money. Apparently I’ve been spending too much for the past couple of weeks, so I don’t have saving..

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Powe Interuption Is Annoying, Ever...

Darn! This power interruption is annoying. I was able to grab one task in another paying site but when I checked it few minutes ago is it not in my reserve opportunity. I even tried to check it on my available tasks but sad to say I didn’t saw it there. Instead of making myself disappointed I just visited, I was checking this site before the power interruption occur few hours ago.

I find this site informative to those who are searching for the best supplement, whether it’s workout supplement or weight lose supplement.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Should I Consider Diet Pill?

I was chatting to my boyfriend a while ago, while we were chatting he asked me if I ever visited Bohol and I honestly say NO. He told me, it’s a nice place and agreed of what he said I also told him the place has lot of beautiful beaches. If ever he wants to visit the place I don’t think I could wear any swim suit considering how fat I am these time.

I guess I need to try taking lose weight pill so I could wear a sexy swim suit. I am wondering if hoodia is a safe and effective. Oh well, I am going to find it out soon as I am going to visit this site that talk about this pill.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thanks God It's Friday

Yay, it’s weekend once again. Most of us loves weekend as it is a great time to bond with our love ones and friends. As for me, I usually stay at home during weekend sleeping, doing my online stuff or watching my favorite shows. If I have extra in my budget I usually bring my mother, nephew and the little on to the mall. But since I am not rich this seldom happened.

Anyways, I do hope you will have a happy weekend with your love ones and friend. I am planning to do my weekend blog hopping tomorrow, so I'll see you soon guys!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Promote Your Business Online

I have mentioned before in my previous post that if money is not a problem I would like to have my own business as preparation for the future of my son. However because of luck of capital and resources I don’t think the plan of putting a business will not be realize in the near future. Nonetheless it doesn’t stop me from reading articles online on how to get started and I find it very complicated yet challenging.

If ever I will have enough capital to start a business I would choice to start an online store. These days there are many people who choice to shop online, because aside from getting lot of choices they can also find good deals in everything. As for the web hosting of your business website there are lots of webhosting site that offer affordable hosting and web designing. All you have to do is a little homework and you will be amaze of the results.

So those who have business or planning to have a business I would suggest you to get online, because possible customers can be find online.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kitchen Improvement

Beautifying our home is a dream come true in my part. However because of limited resources I need to save first before I could start any home improvement. I’ll tell you, it takes many months before I could start what home improvement I want to do. With this I could only focus one thing. A year ago I was able to save for the Tile floor installation, it took me almost a year before I could save the exact amount for the materials and labor.

If my online earning suffices for another home improvement I want to fix the flooring in our kitchen. And in case it happen I’d like to make use of internet technology to search for the tiles that I want because I am not capable of going from one store to another. Anyways, I am not going to make some home improvement in the next coming month so I don’t need to worry about this stuff now. If ever, I will have ample of time searching for the perfect flooring for our kitchen more especially that I found this site called wherein I can make use of their service.

Monday, February 21, 2011

What A Nice Day Today...'s cold..

Oh boy! I really love the weather today. The sun is shining and yet the breeze is cold. In fact I don’t really feel the heat of the sun. I feel like going back to bed and feel the cold the cold breeze while sleeping. But then I need to do an important errand offline so I don’t have time to sleep, at least this morning.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yay, guess what I doing right now?

Oh well, I am facebooking and at the same time I am trying to write an article about conjugated linoleic acid. But at this moment I am talking to my friend Arjay, it’s been a while since the last time we see each other. She is busy with her study. Well, I guess I need to take a break from chatting to my friend and check out I am curious to know more about conjugated linoleic acid. I never heard the word so no wonder I want to browse the site.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Internet Connection Problem

Geezz, my internet connection has been on and off since this morning. At first I thought it is the connection but after trying to connect to internet at around 5 in the afternoon I noticed that the DSL light in the modem is off. So I immediately call the customer service of my internet provider and I was given a reference number. She told me that a technician will check my connection tomorrow. The thought of not having internet connection pisses me off.

An hour after calling the customer service I noticed that the light in DSL power is on so I decided to open my notebook and connect it to internet and viola I successfully connect to internet. However I still lost connection once in a while. I also received a call from the internet provider asking how my connection is, I told him the truth. He advises me to call the customer service if ever I will encounter the same problem again. This is what I like with my internet provider a technician is always in the rescue whenever I have problem with my connection.

Anyway I am hoping I will not have problem connecting to internet again.

Home Speakers

In my free time you can actually see me lying in bed reading or sitting in front of the television watching my favorite shows or movies. One day, while watching my favorite movie I always asked my son and nephew to stop making noise as I could not understand what I am watching. How I wish I have enough money to buy for home speakers so I could enjoy what I am watching. I am sure if I connect our television and other electronic equipment I will not have problem listening to what I am watching.

I recently did some online searching and found this website called They offer free shipping and a 30 day trial.

Get Rid Of Blackheads

I sleep late last night so I thought I am going to stay late in bed but I was wrong because I got a call for my sissy and I could not go back to sleep since it is almost six in the morning. I am glad that although don’t usually have enough sleep there are no pimples or blackheads.

However there are some individuals who are having problem with pimples and blackheads, specially the blackheads on nose, I personally know someone who is always complaining how she can get rid the blackheads on her nose. I really hope she can finally get rid of it after I share the link I’ve found recently. She has been through a lot of creams promising to get rid of blackheads but nothing seems to happen. I guess, it’s high time she stop worrying about this and be happy with her face.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting Better, I Hope

Woott.. I am finally done with my back log task from last week. I haven’t been blogging much last week because of my illness. I am not yet fully recover but I guess blogging is not a weighty task to do as long I am doing it on day time.

Anyways, online opportunity is kinda of slow for the past few weeks and I am really hoping that I will get some tasks to do over the weekend.

So, how was your Hearts Day go? As for me, nothing exciting happened to me instead I was in the mood few hours before the end of the day. What a h**l so celebrate Hearts Day.

Deals On Lappy

Few months ago, my desktop finally crushed. I would like to bring it to repair shop if my finances allow me to do so. The desktop was bought my boyfriend three years ago so it has a sentimental value for me as it one of the gifts I received from the boyfriend. Because of the crushed desktop the boyfriend decided to buy a netbook so that I won’t be going to internet cafĂ© to chat him. If I was not worrying of the shipping cost I would like to check deals on laptops online as I knew I could find affordable yet good quality laptops.

Oh well, I already have a netbook so I will settle for it. Maybe next time I need a new lappy I will buy it online.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Logo Designs

With the downfall of economic few years ago, lots of individual were laid off and had hard time looking for new job. With this, there are lot of people who lost their job opt to be the boss of their own, I mean they choice to put up their own business. However there are few of them who don’t know the rules of putting a business that is why they failed to succeed.

So if want to have your own business in the future think and plan ahead so you won’t fail. One key of making your business stand out among other business is to have a unique logo that will represent your company. I came across this website who offer logo design packages for business owners. They have been helping people who need a logo or background design for their business. For more information, you can visit the site anytime you want.

Sunday Blah

As most of you knows I haven’t been blogging much or doing my online stuff for more than a week now because of health reason. I am thankful that I am getting better though I am not yet fully recovered and I might need to go back to my doctor for my follow-up check up as I still have cough.

On the other hand, it’s a Sunday here my other part of the world and the weather is gloomy. It seems that the rain drops will start to fall anytime. Well, it would be nice as I am going to take a nap soon.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Know Your Right

Have you in an accident recently caused by others? If so, make sure you know your rights and fight for your right.

If you are considering on fighting your right but you don’t know where to go and what to do then you can ask the help of Austin Personal Injury Lawyer. They are expert in this field and they know the laws very well. For more information you can reach them at O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949.

So what are you waiting for? You know who could help you with your battle, so fight for your right.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not Lucky

Oh boy! I am not yet lucky to grab those gray opps in my IPL dashboard that I am talking about this morning. As soon as I open my net book I immediately login to my account wishing I could grab those opps that offer a good payout. I don’t want to be making a post for 150 words for $.50. I know I deserve a higher payout, a 1.50 payout opps would do, lol.

Avilable Opps

Ohh boy, I have lots of available opps in my IPL dashboard but the higher payouts are already taken. Too bad I could not wait them to turn white or green as I am going soon to take a nap. If only I am not sick I going to refresh my dashboard until I grab one or two opps. For now, I will settle of what I have, I manage to grab for opps in another paying site and sheriff also gave me few tasks to do. God is Good, as I still have tasks to do although I could blog the way I use to be, at least while I am on the road to recovery of my illness.

Cash Advance

Have you experience having problem with money and waiting for the next pay day is impractical and way too long to wait? Well, I have experience cash shortage but I am glad that I have friends and boyfriend who are always there to help me.

But for those who are having financial problem and yet no one is there to help you then applying for cash advance is the easiest and perfect solution for you. At you will get the money at the easiest possible way.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I Miss Blogging...

Haist, for two nights and three days we don’t have electricity. It's very annoying but a blessing in disguise as well because I am sick and I need to rest. I know it would not be easy for me to not to go online knowing that I have tasks that need to be done, so the absence of electricity is a blessing in disguise. I am glad that the electricity is back, my mobile is on charge now for it has been off since last night.

Oh well, I am not yet allowed to stay long online so I am not going to make this update long as I want to make one task before I sign off..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Web Hosting

Yay, how times flies, it’s the first day of February it seems that is was only yesterday when I was searching and asking some of my blogger friends about web hosting. If you are a follower of my blogs you will notice my yearning of moving my blog to self hosted site. For some reasons, I am having a hard time deciding on what type or kind of hosting I am going to use. Oh well, primarily I don’t have any idea about self hosted site so I am kind of hesitant to move all my blog. But after moving my other blog to self hosted site I haven’t had any problem about it, so I am considering in moving my other own domain blog to wp.

Anyways, I still have ample of time to search and read about managed hosting and colocation since my other domain site is newly renewed. I happened to came across this site called They offer web hosting packages that are among the most competitive in the hosting industry and give the best efficiency and performance available. Aside from that, they also offer a true 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) to their customers.

So if you are looking for the best web hosting in town I advise you to check this site out.

Off For Breakfast

Just finish chatting to the boyfriend a while ago. I will be off for a while to have my breakfast, the worms inside my tummy are starting to complain, lol. Anyways, I have few tasks that need to be done and I want it done today so I will surely be back after having my breakfast.

Ciao for now folks, happy blogging.

Buy Office Supplies Online

Yay, it’s been raining again. It is this time when I am lazy going outside the house. I am glad that I don’t need to go downtown tomorrow or the next following days since my uncle who was hospitalized two weeks ago because of accident is discharge from the hospital this yesterday afternoon.

Anyways, if you need to buy office supplies for your personal use but heavy rain is stopping you to go out then perhaps you want to try shopping online. I recently found an awesome website wherein you can buy the office supplies you need. The website I am talking about it

Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, the little one turned six years old. Few weeks before his birthday he has been telling me that he wants a Ben10 theme cake on his birthday. His wished was granted, thanks for my ever supportive boyfriend. Apart from the cake I also invited some of my relatives that are living near us to celebrate the 6th birthday of my son. I also prepared party bags and balloons for the kids for I know it will make them happy and the celebrant want to distribute the party bags himself.

Another wished that is granted is to have a celebration with his classmate and it was materialized this morning since his birthday falls on Sunday. I and my sister prepared the all time kids favorite, the spagittee, fried chicken and hotdog. Along with this I also brought cakes for the kids and teachers. And of course the celebrant would not be pleased if I didn’t prepare party bags for his classmates, so his classmates also get the party bag minus the balloon of course.

To my son, my little one, my bundle of joy belated Happy Birthday. May you have many many more birthdays to come, candle to blow and cake to slice, good health and you may grow a better man like want to be.