Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, the little one turned six years old. Few weeks before his birthday he has been telling me that he wants a Ben10 theme cake on his birthday. His wished was granted, thanks for my ever supportive boyfriend. Apart from the cake I also invited some of my relatives that are living near us to celebrate the 6th birthday of my son. I also prepared party bags and balloons for the kids for I know it will make them happy and the celebrant want to distribute the party bags himself.

Another wished that is granted is to have a celebration with his classmate and it was materialized this morning since his birthday falls on Sunday. I and my sister prepared the all time kids favorite, the spagittee, fried chicken and hotdog. Along with this I also brought cakes for the kids and teachers. And of course the celebrant would not be pleased if I didn’t prepare party bags for his classmates, so his classmates also get the party bag minus the balloon of course.

To my son, my little one, my bundle of joy belated Happy Birthday. May you have many many more birthdays to come, candle to blow and cake to slice, good health and you may grow a better man like want to be.

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