Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting Better, I Hope

Woott.. I am finally done with my back log task from last week. I haven’t been blogging much last week because of my illness. I am not yet fully recover but I guess blogging is not a weighty task to do as long I am doing it on day time.

Anyways, online opportunity is kinda of slow for the past few weeks and I am really hoping that I will get some tasks to do over the weekend.

So, how was your Hearts Day go? As for me, nothing exciting happened to me instead I was in the mood few hours before the end of the day. What a h**l so celebrate Hearts Day.

2 shared thoughts:

Len said...

nothing much happened except that i got busy reviewing my notes. i had an exam in constitutional law that i forgot about the day. posted valentine's day greeting in my blog at around 10 pm. nakahabol din ang greetings.

celesteluna said...

so sad you got sick, what happened? get well soon...