Saturday, February 19, 2011

Internet Connection Problem

Geezz, my internet connection has been on and off since this morning. At first I thought it is the connection but after trying to connect to internet at around 5 in the afternoon I noticed that the DSL light in the modem is off. So I immediately call the customer service of my internet provider and I was given a reference number. She told me that a technician will check my connection tomorrow. The thought of not having internet connection pisses me off.

An hour after calling the customer service I noticed that the light in DSL power is on so I decided to open my notebook and connect it to internet and viola I successfully connect to internet. However I still lost connection once in a while. I also received a call from the internet provider asking how my connection is, I told him the truth. He advises me to call the customer service if ever I will encounter the same problem again. This is what I like with my internet provider a technician is always in the rescue whenever I have problem with my connection.

Anyway I am hoping I will not have problem connecting to internet again.

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