Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cold Therapy Lawsuit

Without a doubt accident happens in time we least expect it. Lucky those who survive after committing an accident and I feel pity those who were not given another chance to stay longer. However, it is more acceptable to lose someone because of accident rather than to lose someone because of someone negligence.

Just recently I found out that if someone has been injured physically or psychologically as a result of carelessness and wrongdoing of someone can now file a lawsuit complain. Just like if you are a victim of cold therapy you can file cold therapy lawsuit to those who caused you more serious illness. You can visit O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 or visit their site and check the Frequently Asked Questions pages for more information.

I Need A Nap

Geezz.. I am really sleepy. I wanted to finish the remaining tasks I have but because I am very sleepy I could not think of a good review so I might as well take a nap and do what I need to finish later when I wake up. The little one is in the bed now, been asking him to take his nap but he seems not to listen. Hopefully he will when I am finally in his side.

Oh before I end this post, I want to wish you all a happy weekend. Enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend.

Made It...

Yay, I thought I could not make it to 100 clicks at adgitize today like I did few days ago. I am trying to accumulate the 215 points everyday as I want to increase my earning as a publisher. I am though planning to be an advertiser but not this time, hopefully in few months.

One more thing, I am done with the tasks assignment from sheriff, I will have $$ in my paypal account next month. I am happy that my earning this for next time I better compared to my earning for the past three weeks. Thanks Lord for the blessings…

Muscle Building Suupplement

Goodness I was watched the finale episode of true beauty the other day. The final three were not just handsome and beautiful but they also have the perfect body that anyone would love to have. I am wondering how the two guys got those abs and muscles in the right places. Huh, whether they got it in a natural way by going to gym or they by taking best muscle building supplement in the available in the market I just adore their bodies.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Acne Treatment Reviews

With so many acne solutions and treatments available in the market these days choosing the right one that actually works can be daunting task. Just like my friend who has been using different kinds and brands of acne treatment but to no avail. It is good thing that there are websites wherein one could find unbiased reviews from the experts and customers. Just like , one could find acnepril reviews and other top acne treatments.

So if you’re having acne problem but not sure yet what brand of acne treatment to use then you can visit the link above.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

From PR3 To N/A

Yay, Mr Google did an update again. Unfortunately this blog lost its PR from PR3 to N/A. Just when I am trying to build a good traffic for this blog I lost it’s PR. Well, there as I blogger I should know that there are up’s and down’s in the blogging world. For now, this blog maybe be down but one thing is for sure one day this blog will gain back the lost PR just like before.

If this blog lost it’s PR my other blog Deeply In Love gain back its PR3. See, this is one great proof that there is no such thing as permanent in the blogosphere just like in real life.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Preventing My Nephew To Be With His Friends

My nephew will be turning 11 years old in due time. Few months ago, I found out that he has friends that are not a good influence to him. With this I decided to send him back to my younger sister. It’s not an easy decision but I know it’s the right thing to do. If I can’t discipline him then perhaps his mother can do it. If I not do this I’m afraid I might be searching for drug rehab treatment centers in the future. I know there are lots of teenagers who are using drugs so as early as now I don’t want my nephew to be with this kind of friends.

Signal Problem

Just this morning I was trying to call my younger sister because I have an important matter to discuss with her regarding her son who is living with me. But after attempting to call her number I always heard the recorded voice that her number is out of reach. So I decided to send sms to her other number and viola I got a response. She told me that she has problem with the signal of her other number. With this I am considering of suggesting my sister to get a cell signal boosters so I can contact her other number without any problem.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

Hello folks! How is your Sunday? It’s was raining when I woke up this morning. Summer is just around the corner and yet there is no hint of summer yet. It’s been raining for the past couple of days now, we were even flooded few days ago because of too much raining.

Yesterday, we attended my niece first birthday. The birthday celebrant also happens to be my godchild. It was a family affair since most of the visitors came from our family. With this I was not able to blog much and I was not able to add those bloggers who asked me for ex-links. Oh well, I will have longer time blogging today so I am going to add them in my link list. Online business is kinda slow this weekend and the previous weekend. It could only mean that my earning this month is not good compared to my previous online earning.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Business Logo

Are a business owner? If so then you should know that logo is one of the essential key to have a successful business. Selecting a logo that would represent your business is not an easy task. A business logo doesn’t need to be elegant, professional look is what matter. I noticed that business logo that has simple design is more attractive and is easy to familiarize.

Talking about logo, there are lots of logo designer out there that is why choosing a logo designer is not easy so you should be careful on selecting a designer. At you will find affordable logo design packages and you can hire someone who will make the business logo you desire. For more information you can visit the website now and browse what they offer.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

At 32...

I should have posted this a week ago but I always forget to do it or it is because I am not in the mood to write something that concerns my emotion and sentiment. I am not sure if I have mentioned in my other blog that for more than a month I am trying to overcome something that I wished it didn’t happened. One could say, one month is too much and honestly I am trying my very best to overcome this feeling of disappointment but I always failed. I could only wish I will overcome this feeling and continue to hope and believing that one day in God’s time all the plans and dreams would come to reality.

Anyways, my birthday came and my birthday went I didn’t do anything on this day but it was special simply because I am given another year to enjoy and be with my family and friends. One thing is for sure, I am not getting any younger. And if I have one thing that I need to learn is that I need to learn how to manage my finances. For more than three years I’ve been using my earning online in home improvement. One way or another I could say that I’ve given much for my family without thinking that my son is growing fast and for that I need to start saving for his future, soon before it’s too late.

I do love my family and I want to give them the best I can. I am happy when I see the happiness in their eyes but time has come that I need to set my priorities and that is the welfare of my son.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Am Addicted To...

Wondering what is my new addiction? Oh well, I’ve been watching shows online so that made me busy if I am not blogging or doing other stuff online. Last weekend wasn’t fruitful at my side for I don’t have any online offer to finish so I end up watching few shows that I don’t actually watch. For now I shall check for some honda portable generators, my cousin who is running their family business might need it or I’ll need in the future.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Alert

Few hours ago my friend Iris sent a message about the tsunami alert so I hurriedly check it online and here is what I got.

Tsunami Alert for New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others. Waves expected over the next few hours, caused by 8.9 earthquake in Japan..

Monday, March 7, 2011

Increase Blog Traffic

ust recently I have been searching and looking around the net on how can I increase my blog traffic. I just realize one day that I need to put more effort for me to maintain the pagerank I have in my three blogs. Apart from maintaining my blog's pagerank I also want to increase my blog traffic for having a good traffic means more online opportunity. I know there are lots of ways on how to increase and build good blog traffic, however I do not know where to start.

So to start it, I need to find a search engine optimization company that will give me an insight of what I need to do to increase website traffic of my blogs. A website that offers variety of services such as web development, website optimization and SEO would be a great help for my goal on increasing the traffic of my blogs. Luckily I found this awesome website called As I continue to browse each page of the site I get to understand more how important is it to use and find the right keywords, link management and so on. And most especially I get to know how organic search engine optimization works in building good blog traffic.

So those who want to build or increase the traffic of your website is the perfect place to log on.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Uber Excited

I am currently waiting for the next episode of I Love You So (autumn concerto) online. I have mentioned in my other blog that I slept very late last night because I was engrossed watching the past episodes. I know I should have watched the other episodes today but I could not help myself. After watching the first episode I immediately love the show and promised to myself not to miss any episode.

I’ve been reading some blog about the show before but since I could not watch it on television because another local based show is being aired the same time that I Love You So is being aired. I am glad that I remember watching the show last night.