Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chitchatting With Friends

The photo above is taken from my phone camera during the baptism of baby Briannah Ashley last Sunday; it’s me and my friend Teresa. The photo is a good proof that we are not getting any younger and we have changed a lot since the first we met each other 12 years ago. Before Iris took this photo we were talking on how to get rid of wrinkles. Aside from wrinkles we also talked about blackheads because one of our friends is desperate on how she could get rid of those pesky blackheads.

Good thing I have internet connection at home so I could search the best and safe blackhead removal on the net. After an hour of searching I finally found a website that rated top blackhead removal that actually work. So if you happen to be in a lookout of blackhead removal click here for you to find safe and effective blackheads removal.

Blog Neglected

Yay, I could not believe that I’ve neglected this blog for few weeks. If I am to ask the reason why, I only have one reason and it is because I lost the pagerank of this blog for a week or so but am happy, very happy in fact to gain back the page rank I lost. There are lots of things happened to me this month and some of them are worth sharing so I am hoping I will have time to post them and share few photos. As for now, I am trying to make the draw reviews for the tasks assigned to me yesterday. I am glad that I still received tasks in this particular website although I could not finish the tasks assign to me. Thanks LL I super heart you.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Blah

Argh! I am such a lazy and slacker blogger. For few days I haven’t been adgitizing which means I haven’t been earning and building blog traffic. Right after checking my monthly report last night I started clicking and clicking until I feel like sleeping. I am keeping my fingers cross that I will earn better this month compared last month since I already have an idea how to have a higher points as a publisher.

On the other hand, last Saturday was the little one 8th Moving Up & Recognition Ceremony. It was the first time he attended the event as I mistakenly thought he had measles on the day of their 7th Moving Up & Recognition Ceremony. I was frustrated when the doctor said it’s an allergy, if I only allowed him to attend the event he will more than happy then.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Of Exchanging I do's

I know some of my blogger friends know that I am single mom. Being a single mom doesn’t stop me from dreaming that one day I will be walking down the aisle wearing an elegant wedding dress while my man is waiting at the altar. If that happened I want my bridesmaid to be elegant as well. I am not yet sure if will consider choosing short bridesmaid dresses like what I’ve found at It looks great but I know I need to consider few important stuff before deciding what style of my bridesmaids gown. Well, I am not tying the knot in the near future so I still have ample time to think what I really want.