Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Fun Day With Friends

I won’t let this day past without sharing the moment I had with my friends back in college. Last month I mentioned in my previous post, I am not sure whether in this blog or in my other blogs that I and my friends will meet up in the mall. Since I am done watching the movie that my other friends want to watch we decided to just visit our former school. We headed to the library where we had a fun chitchatting to our school librarian and another friend who happens to work in our former school. While updating each one of us what is happening to us we plan to meet up again but this time we want it at the beach and today is the day.

We had a lot of fun chitchatting in between eating and drinking. We had a lot of foods and because we still have lots of leaf over when we decided to go home. It was also a celebration for one of friend passed the LET Examination. I could say that being with your friends is great. As what Ma’am Tassy said, the stress she got from work for few weeks were gone. Indeed she is right. Now, we are looking forward for another celebration, hopefully this month.

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