Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Evening Blah!

I was chatting to the boyfriend a while ago. I was very sleepy to the point that I keep on yawning in front of the webcam. Well, I am still sleepy and I am going to go back to sleep right after I am done publishing this post. I just could let this night pass without updating this blog.

On the lighter note, yesterday was the first day of classes for my nephew. The plan of transferring him to another school didn’t happen. I am just hoping that he will do better in school this time around. As for the little one, his classes will start on Monday. I am done buying his school supplies. And yes, on Monday it will be his first day in grade school. He is excited to meet his old school mates and new classmate. Wondering why I said old schoolmates? Well, I decided to enroll him in Grade 1 while his old classmate is in preparatory. Good luck son!!

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