Monday, July 4, 2011

Rants Over My Haters

“I pity those people who need to use other people at their own expense. But beware KARMA is just around the corner waiting for the perfect timing…”

That was my shout out in my facebook profile few days ago. I just knew few people who want to ruin me by accusing me of something without proof of evidence but their elongated tongue that has mastered the art of fabrication and spreading rumors. I pity them as they need to use me for their own motives and spreading rumors without thinking the consequences and worst won’t do anything to get back what they have said against me when the truth comes out. I am not perfect, I do make mistake but never in my life have I stepped on other people lives just to make myself known and gain praises. I could not just understand why they seem to hate me and make it their business to find a way how they can put me down.

A piece of advice to my haters and attacker, have your own surrounding check before you check mine. You may over look that you’ve more shocking and more horrific mistake that I have. I can walk anywhere with my chin up. How about you? Can you walk anywhere without worrying that someone might come over and ask for a payment of a very long forgotten debt? Of course we all have financial difficulty that our last resort is to loan from our relatives or friends. But if you’ve loan and you forgot to pay it and still you act like you like you don’t owe anything then beware for I can use this against you. If you think you are perfect and didn’t do any mistake then go maybe you have the right to mess up with me.

But anyway, this people will not succeed as I aim to prove them that I every time they try to ruin me it motivates me to do my best and show how blessed and lucky I am compared to them and I am thankful to our provider for showering me so many blessing that I can’t even imagine if I deserve it. With this I have so many reasons to celebrate my life to the fullest.

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