Thursday, August 18, 2011

We Enjoyed Eating Pop corn

I should be preparing this time. I need to go downtown to run few important errands. But because I still have some undone tasks to work on I am still here sitting infront of my notebook. I am hoping to finish few of them before they fade away in my dashboard?. This what I get for neglecting them for the past few days, oh well, at least I have valid reason this time- I've been busy preparing for the fiesta lol.

Talking about our town fiesta, I haven't visited the town plaza for few days now. The last time I was there was last Saturday with my sister family and the little one to watch the fireworks display. But because the clouds starting to show up we decided to go home before the fireworks display begins. At least the kids and the kid-ish :-) enjoyed eating popcorn. There are actually lots of popcorn machine around the town plaza but because there are lots of people waiting for the invited celebrities and fireworks display to start we decided to buy the pop corn in the popcorn stand near where we are standing. I don't know yet if the popcorn stands and other install are still around the town plaza since it's been few days after the fiesta.

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