Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy Wednesday

I was at downtown earlier today with my cousin to buy the gift for my nephew which will celebrate his first birthday tomorrow. I ordered the birthday cake in one of the recognize bakeshop that my friend referred to me few weeks ago. It’s is my first time to buy a cake in this bakeshop but I trust my friends taste so I am sure the cake taste great. It will be a simple birthday celebration, no hired clowns, no face painting, and no program. I am not even sure if my sister prepared some games for the kids.

Aside for buying gift for nephew I also buy something for myself. It was out of the budget but I didn’t hear any complain from the boyfriend. Thanks for pampering me always although I know I sometimes do not deserve it :D Before hitting the publish button, allow me to greet Mama Mary a Happy Birthday. I thank you for all the blessing and guidance you’ve bestowed to me and my family.

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Yen said...

hmmm, ka sweet ng bf. (kilig):)
Its good to buy for ourselves once in awhile.