Monday, September 12, 2011

Gladly My SIL Found It...

Almost four hours ago, I was about to take my shower when I noticed the earring in my left ear is missing. I could not speak a word for the earring I am wearing is quite expensive and I bought it three years ago from my blogging money. In fact it’s the first expensive thing I bought for myself from my earning online since most of my earning it used in improving our home.

My cousin, aunt and sister-in-law helped me to look for my lost earring. After half an hour of searching, my sister-in-law found the luck at the doorstep of my aunt’s house where I was seated for few minutes. We thoroughly searched the area thinking that we will find the earring there but to no avail. We were at the edge of giving up when my sister-in-law found the lost earring at the kitchen. Yay, I was starting to condition myself that I am going to lose my first investment from my earning online when we found it. Thanks goodness… another good reason to celebrate.

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Thanks for sharing this, i have to say that You have put some though in writing this post. Keep it up! Com