Friday, October 14, 2011

Drolling Over Discounted Items

Yesterday I was at the mall near my place not to shop though but to change the denims and t-shirt that the little one got the other day. The denim was fit enough for the little one and I am afraid he can’t wear it after few months. The t-shirt was just small for him. But then the Uncle who was with him that time has no child yet so I understand him and I know the little one doesn’t really like fitting the clothes and taking off his clothes at the mall or department store. So I wonder if he fits the clothes before his Uncle paid it.

Anyway, since changing the items at the mall doesn’t take so much of my time I decided to window shop of what I need to buy coming December. I also found out that the mall is having a huge sale today and in the next two days. But because I don’t have extra budget for shopping I just let my eyes droll over those dresses, jeans, blouses and bags that I love to have. I am not rich and I have other priorities than shopping for myself. I know I can’t have them all so I shall let my eyes enjoy watching over those on sale products that I like.

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